History Jokes for Kids

Take a look at this ever-expanding collection of history jokes for children of all ages. From Atlas to Vikings, you’re sure to laugh at one of these history jokes!

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10 Disney Jokes for Kids

Watch Oliver share 10 funny Disney jokes in this cute video. Funny for kids, adorable for parents.

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Baseball Jokes for Kids

This collection of baseball jokes for kids, parents and coaches is a real home run!


What did the lunch lady say to Luke Skywalker?


Why cats are the best pets…

Pokemon Jokes for Kids

Pokemon Jokes

Pokemon is one of the most popular things to watch, read and talk about for kids – so get in on the fun with these pokemon jokes.

Knock Knock Jokes

Zinnia flowers attract butterflies

Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter Z

There really are knock-knock jokes that start with the letter Z. Zoo might be zurpised with what you find!


Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter C

This is the place for Knock-Knock jokes that begin with the letter C – and that includes Caesar!

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Animal Jokes

funny bird jokes

Bird Jokes for Kids

This collection of bird jokes will have your kids cackling in no time!


Elephant Jokes for Kids

This enormous collection of kid-friendly elephant jokes is sure to bring lots of smiles.


Jokes About Bears

This collection of bear jokes is one of the biggest you’ll find. Great for kids, parents and teachers, these jokes about bears are going to get some great laughs.

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Fun Videos for Kids

Children’s Joke Telling Contest

Kids take the stage and see who has the best joke in this funny and cute joke telling competition. You’re going to love these kids as much as their jokes!

Random Kids Asked to Tell Their Favorite Joke

For April Fool’s Day, random kids were asked to tell their favorite knee-slappers and these boys and girls did a great job.

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TV & Movie Themes

Klondike Kat

Jokes About Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat always gets his mouse! You may remember that line from watching Klondike Kat, a short feature cartoon that appeared between segments of Underdog. Underdog is a cartoon that ran in the mid-sixties.

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