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Minecraft Jokes

One of the biggest collections of Minecraft jokes you’ll find online that is family-friendly and safe for kids.

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Dolphin Jokes for Everyone

Dolphin Jokes

This is the best collection of dolphin jokes online. Safe for kids, dolphunny for anyone!

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Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Conjunction Junction

“Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?” This classic Jack Sheldon favorite from Schoolhouse Rock is as wonderful today as it ever was.

Knock Knock Joke: Zeus


Were any famous men or women born on your birthday?


What do T-Rex’s eat on camping trips?

Knock Knock Jokes


Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter F

Check out our huge collection of clean knock knock jokes for children that all start with the letter F.

Kids Jokes - Elvis

Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter E

Here’s a nice collection of knock knock jokes with names that start with the letter E – including Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll.


Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter D

Donut starts with D and it is one of the Knock Knock jokes that you will find in this area.

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Animal Jokes


Jokes About Dogs

If you’re searching for funny jokes about dogs or featuring dogs, then you’re going to love this collection.


Elephant Jokes for Kids

This enormous collection of kid-friendly elephant jokes is sure to bring lots of smiles.

Lion Jokes for Children

Jokes About Lions

What happened when the lion ate the clown? You’re going to have to read this page of lion jokes to find out!

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Fun Videos for Kids

Cute Kids Telling Funny Jokes

These cute children have some funny jokes, some quite bad jokes, and some very weird jokes.

Children’s Joke Telling Contest

Kids take the stage and see who has the best joke in this funny and cute joke telling competition. You’re going to love these kids as much as their jokes!

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Klondike Kat

Jokes About Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat always gets his mouse! You may remember that line from watching Klondike Kat, a short feature cartoon that appeared between segments of Underdog. Underdog is a cartoon that ran in the mid-sixties.

Underdog Jokes for Kids

Jokes About Underdog

There’s no need to fear, Underdog jokes are here!