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Ant-Man is partnered with Wasp and was one of the original Avengers as Henry “Hank” Pym. He battled alongside Avengers like the Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. The Ant-Man suit was later used by other people, including Scott Lang and Eric O’Grady.

These Ant Man jokes are especially great for parents, teachers and super hero fans – but the are funny for everyone.

Ant-Man Jokes

Q: How did Ant Man win the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: He was brill-ant.

Q: Why doesn’t Ant Man play video games?
A: He lost to Ultron too many times.

Q: What party game does Ant Man like most?
A: The scAVENGER hunt.

Q: How does Ant Man keep his suit from getting wrinkled?
A: With help from Iron Man.

Q: What dance do Ant-Man and Wasp do together?
A: The jitterbug.

Q: How do Ant Man and Wasp get around town?
A: They ride on the Buzz.

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Q: What did AntMan name his musical band?
A: Avengers Ensemble.

Q: Why was Ant-Man cleaning up the park?
A: He wasn’t a litterbug.

Q: What car does Ant Man like to drive?
A: A Mini Cooper.

Q: What did Ant Man give the Wasp to fix her hair?
A: A honey comb.

Q: What was the Wasp doing in Ant Man’s soup?
A: The backstroke!

Q: Where does Henry Pym go for summer vacation?
A: ANTlantic City.

Q: Where did Ant Man take his injured partner?
A: To the Waspital

Q: What did Sunfire say when he saw the Wasp?
A: Wasabee.

Q: Why was Thor avoiding Ant-Man?
A: He kept bugging him.

Q: Which law enforcement team does Ant-Man avoid?
A: S.W.A.T.

Q: Where did Ant Man go with the Wasp on Friday night?
A: To a local dants club.

Q: Why did Ant Man go to the zoo to get married?
A: He wanted to ant-elope?

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Q: Who was Ant Man’s famous French relative?
A: Napoleant.

Q: What do you call an Ant Man when he’s swimming?
A: An antphibian.

Q: Why can’t Ant Man play the piano?
A: He’s discordANT.

Q: What does Ant Man bring camping?
A: Their Tants.

Q: What do you call Ant Man when he’s huge and grey?
A: An elephant.

Q: Why did Ant Man smell bad?
A: He never wore deodorANT.

Q: What does Ant Man color with?
A: Crayola Crayants.

Q: What did Ant Man get in trouble for at school?
A: Being a truANT.

Q: Where does Ant Man go for vacation?
A: Frants.

Q: What kind of meal did Ant Man want for his birthday?
A: One that was decadANT.

Q: What did the call Ant Man when he blasted off into space?
A: An astronANT.

Q: How did they describe Ant Man at the dinner party?
A: ElegANT.

Q: Which American football team does Ant Man cheer for?
A: The GiANTS.

Q: How many ants did Ant Man need to help him move into a new apartment?
A: Ten ants.

Q: What did they give Ant Man when he got an infection?
A: ANTibiotics.

Q: What do you get when Ant Man plays with a nest of tics?
A: All kinds of antics.

Q: Why did Ant Man go to business school?
A: To become an accountANT.

Q: Where does Ant Man go to eat?
A: A restaur-ANT.

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Q: What do you call Ant Man’s great grandfather?
A: An ANTique.

Q: Why does Ant Man always compliments his boss?
A: Sycophants.

Q: When does Ant Man like to work alone?
A: When he’s feeling independANT.

Q: Why did Ant Man wear diamonds to the party?
A: To be extravag-ANT.

Q: What does Hank Pym eat for breakfast?
A: Croiss-ANTS.

Q: Why doesn’t Hank Pym get sick?
A: He’s full of ANTibodies.

Q: Why did Hank Pym serve truffles at his dinner party?
A: It was decad-ANT.

Q: Why is Ant Man so funny?
A: He’s a Marvel comic!

Q: What American football team does Hank Pym root for?
A: He’s a Giant-Man all the way!

Q: Who is Ant Man’s favorite cartoon character?
A: Bugs Bunny!

Q: Why doesn’t Ant Man get bee stings?
A: He’s friends with a wasp.

Q: What did Hank Pym wear to the dinner party?
A: A yellowjacket.

Q: What was Hank Pym’s favorite TV show as a kid?
A: Davey and Goliath

Q: Why didn’t anyone notice Hank Pym during the talent contest?
A: Scott Lang stole the show.

Q: Why is Eric O’Grady so pale?
A: He uses a sun S.H.I.E.L.D.

Credit: Image is a portion of an Ant Man trading card (1992 Impel Marvel Universe #24 Ant-Man).

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