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March Madness - Final Four Basketball Jokes

March Madness Jokes

Don't get mad - get March Madness instead! Bounce over to this page of funny March Madness jokes!

Jokes for Spring

Easter's Coming. So are the Smiles.

Egg Jokes - Funny Egg Jokes for Family

Egg Jokes

These egg jokes are eggstremely funny, silly and waiting to be laughed at.

Last Gasp of Winter Jokes

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Spring Jokes for Kids

Spring Jokes

Funny spring jokes for kids! Not only are these spring jokes funny, but these jokes about spring are clean and safe for all ages. These...

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Cold Weather Jokes

Cold Weather Jokes

Chill out with this collection of funny cold weather jokes.

Random Kids Knock Knock Jokes

Snow Knock Knock Jokes

Snow Knock-Knock Jokes

Chill out with this fun collection of snow knock knock jokes.

Mother's Day Comes in May

Jokes About School and School Subjects

Chemistry Jokes for Kids

Chemistry Jokes

Chemistry can be complicated, but laughing at chemistry jokes is easy!
Geography Jokes - Jokes for Kids about Geography

Geography Jokes

Geography Jokes - The best collection of jokes about Geography. Jokes about maps, countries, states, longitude & more. Safe for kids, great for teachers and parents.
Viking Jokes - Funny Vikings Jokes

Viking Jokes

Take a funny look at history with these Viking jokes.

Sports Jokes for Kids

Youth Baseball Jokes for LIttle League

Little League Baseball Jokes

Funny jokes for Little League baseball players, coaches and parents.

Baseball Jokes for Kids

Best collection of baseball jokes for kids, parents, coaches, players, everyone! Clean, safe jokes about baseball - good for all ages! Classic baseball jokes and new jokes added all the time. Fun kids baseball jokes!

Jokes about Animals

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