Little League Baseball Jokes

This collection of Little League baseball jokes for kids, parents, teachers, players and youth baseball coaches is a real home run!

You’ll find jokes about coaches, pitchers, catchers, flies, plates and more. Classic baseball jokes and new jokes that you’ve never heard before.

These jokes about youth baseball are great for everyone – they’re clean and safe for all ages. Treat your little league players to some funny baseball jokes to start off your next practice.

Fun Little League Baseball Fact: The first Little League game was played on June 6, 1939. Lundy Lumber beat Lycoming Dairy, 23-8. Lycoming Dairy came back to claim the league championship.

Little League Baseball Jokes

Q: What do parents shout out after Little League games?
A: The dirt and grass marks on their child’s pants.

Q. Why did the Little League player sign up for the lead role in the school show?
A: Because of the mandatory-play rule.

Q. Which Little League baseball statistic was created in Transylvania?
A: The pitch count.

Q: What’s one of the rules in Little League zebra baseball?
A: Three stripes and you’re out.

Q: How do vampire Little League players hold a bat?
A: By the wings.

Q. Why were the Little Leaguer’s eyes bulging out?
A: He outgrew his cleats again and they were too tight.

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Q: Why did the batter run away with bat?
A: His coach gave him the take sign.

Q: What did the coach say that made all the moms groan?
A: The team’s pant color was going to be white.

Q: What are lumberjack Little League coaches great at?
A: Teaching players how to hit the cut-off man.

Q: Why did the Little League coach bring a traffic light to the game?
A: To send signals to his players.

Q: Which rock band do they play between innings at Little League games?
A: The Black Crow-Hops.

Q: How do Little League coaches stay cool?
A: Their dugout is right next to the fans.

Q: What has 18 legs and catches flies?
A: A Little League baseball team

Q: What’s more impressive than seeing a line drive?
A: Seeing a baseball park.

Q: What do you get when you cross a plant with a Little League baseball player?
A: Babe Root.

Q: How is a Little League all-star team similar to a pancake?
A: They both need good batters.

Q: What do Little League umpires eath their lunch?
A: On home plates.

Q: Who invented the 10-run mercy rule in Little League baseball?
A: Earl E. Wynn.

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Q: Why did the Little League baseball player wear armor to the game?
A: It was a knight games.

Q: Why did the police officer go to the Little League baseball game?
A: Someone stole second base.

Q: What is a Little League baseball player’s favorite thing about going to the park?
A: The swings.

Q: Did you hear the joke about the Little League World Series?
A: It will leave you in stitches…

Q: What do Little League catchers wear when trick or treating?
A: Their face masks!

Q: What did the young outfielder say to the baseball?
A: Catch you later.

Q. What runs around a Little League baseball field but never moves?
A: A fence

Q: Who’s always at the bench at Little League games?
A: Doug Owt.

Q: What kind of diet was the ball player’s mom on?
A: The Little League diet: Hot dogs and hamburgers 3 times a week!

Q: Why did the Little League mom bring cups to her son’s first practice?
A: It was Tea Ball.

Q: Why do Little League pitchers raise one leg when they pitch?
A: If they raised both legs, they would fall down.

Q: Why did the police officer go to the baseball game?
A: Someone stole second base!

Q: Which Little League All-Star has the biggest cleats?
A: The one with the biggest feet!

Q: Why should you take a Little League baseball player camping with you?
A: To pitch the tent.

Q: Which Little League baseball player holds the water?
A: The pitcher.

Q: Why should you always draft some frogs for your Little League baseball team?
A: Because they know how to catch flies.

Q: What’s the difference between Little League baseball and the law?
A: When you’re caught stealing in baseball, you’re out.

Q: Why are Little League World Series umpires overweight?
A: They always have to clean their plate.

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Q: Which Little League player gets the least amount of playing time?
A: Ben Shwarmer.

Q: Which takes longer to run: from first base to second base or from second base to third base?
A: From second base to third base, because there is a short stop in the middle.

Q: How can you pitch a winning baseball game without ever throwing a ball?
A: By only throwing strikes.

Q: Why should Little League baseball coaches draft players from the school chorus?
A: Because they have perfect pitch.

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