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Other names for Batman include Caped Crusader, Dark Knight and the World’s Greatest Detective – and his real name is Bruce Wayne.

Batman jokes are fun anytime, but especially around Halloween when kids are excited about dressing up as their favorite superhero.

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Batman Jokes for Kids

Q: Why did Bruce’s dentist give him mouth wash?
A: Because he had bat breath.

Q: What do you get when you cross Batman with a tree?
A: Spruce Wayne.

Q: How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light-bulb?
A: None – they like it dark.

Q: What do you get when you combine Robin with a milk shake machine?
A: Robin the Boy Blender.

Q: What does Batgirl wear to the superhero ball?
A: Her Dark Knight gown.

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Q: Why is Two Face one of the better villains?
A: Because he’s only half bad.

Q: What did Bruce Wayne’s mommy put over his crib?
A: A bat mobile.

Q: What is a Batman’s favorite part of a joke?
A: The punch line.

Q: Why did Robin pick up the telephone?
A: It bat-a-rang.

Q: What does Bruce Wayne give to kids on hot summer days?
A: Batcycles (instead of popsicles)

Q: Why does Batman always win at cards?
A: Because he always get the Joker.

Q: Why couldn’t Batman go fishing?
A: Robin ate all the worms.

Q: What did Batman do at the deli?
A: Got ham.

Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark from Batman’s party?
A: He forgot to invite the Flash.

Q: Where does Batman go potty?
A: In the batroom.

Q: Why did Batman bring Wonder Woman with him to the used car dealer?
A: So she could use her Lasso of Truth on the salesman.

Q: What does Batman put in his lemonade?
A: Just ice.

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Q: Why was Dick Grayson called Robin?
A: Calling him the early bird sounded silly.

Q: What did Robin say to Batman when they finally found the box of tissues?
A: Holy Kleenex – it was right under his nose and we blew it.

Q: Why was Batman so serious?
A: He wasn’t the Joker.

Q: What’s the difference between Batman and the Penguin?
A: Batman can go into a jewelry store without robin.

Q: Why doesn’t Batman like Mr. Freeze?
A: He always gives him the cold shoulder

Dick Grayson: I’m thirsty.
Bruce Wayne: I’m Batman.

Q: Why did Batman get upset while playing cards.
A: They kept saying the Joker was wild.

Q: What did Batman say to his friend who returned after missing a day of school?
A: Welcome bat.

Q: Why doesn’t Batman like going on nature walks?
A: He doesn’t like poison ivy.

Q: Why did Batman’s wife name their son Gotham?
A: So when he wakes up at night, she can wake up Batman and say “Gotham Needs You.”

Q: Which sport is Bruce Wayne really good at?
A: Baseball, because he’s do good with a bat.

Q: What does Bruce Wayne like to eat when it’s cold outside?
A: Alpha-bat soup.

Q: What does Batman do for exercise?
A: Aerobatics.

Q: What did Alfred say when Batman got in trouble?
A: You’re a bat boy.

Q: Why is Batman like false teeth?
A: He comes out at night.

Q: What type of diet did Mr. Freeze go on?
A: The Meltdown Diet

Q: What keeps Bruce Wayne going?
A: BATteries

Q: Which farm animal turns into a superhero at night?
A: The sheep – it turns into Baaaaaatman

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Q: Why can’t Batman play chess using the white pieces?
A: He always has to be the Dark Knight.

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