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When Spider Man isn’t busy saving the day, he is a photographer named Peter Parker. Peter Parker takes photos, mainly of Spider-Man, for the Daily Bugle newspaper.

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Spider Man Jokes for Kids

Q: What does Peter Parker do for extra money?
A: He works as a web developer.

Q: Why wouldn’t Superman go out to dinner with Spider-Man?
A: He’s afraid of krypto-night.

Q: Why did Spiderman do so well on his first driving test?
A: He’s a great parallel Parker…

Q: Why doesn’t Spider Man like to talk to Bruce Wayne?
A: Because he has bat breath.

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Q: What is Spider-Man’s favorite part of a joke?
A: The Punch Line!

Q: What outdoor sport does Spider-Man like?
A: Fly fishing.

Q: Why did Spider-Man borrow his parent’s car?
A: To take it out for a spin.

Q: Why is Spider-Man such a good baseball player?
A: He knows how to catch flies.

Q: What do you get when you cross Spider-Man with an ear of corn?
A: Cobwebs.

Q: What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?
A: Web-ruary

Spider Man Jokes for Halloween

Spider-Man’s sister kept eating his Halloween candy – it drove him up the wall…

Q: Why was Spider-Man blushing at the Halloween party?
A: His fly was down!

Q: Which card game does Thanos always beat Spider-Man?
A: Snap.

Q: Why did Spider-Man get in trouble with his mom?
A: He spent too much time on the web.

Q: What month of the year gives Spider Man the most trouble?
A: Ock-tober.

Spider-Man loves attending weddings – he says he likes to see newly webs…

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Q: What do you get when you cross a T-Rex with the Spider-Man?
A: Jurassic Parker.

Q: What is Spider-Man’s favorite brand of Rice?
A: Uncle Ben’s

Clean Spider Man Jokes

Q: How do the Avengers still see Spider Man when he’s out of town?
A: His WEB-cam.

Q: How did Spider-Man learn how to make his spider-suit?
A: The World Wide Web

Q: How can you tell when Spiderman is serving old ears of corn?
A: The COBwebs.

Spiderman wasn’t great at climbing walls right away – good think he stuck to it…

Q: Why did Spider-Man give Batman a Tic-Tac?
A: Because he had bat breath.

Q: How is Spider-Man like a toy top?
A: He’s always spinning.

Q: What is Spider-Man’s favorite Disney movie?
A: Peter Pan

Q: How does Spider-Man communicate with other superheroes?
A: The world wide web.

Q: What does Spider Man always suggest kids watch the movie Madagascar?
A: He’s a big fan of spin-offs…

Q: What does Spider-Man order along with a burger?
A: French flies.

Spider-Man Jokes for Teachers

Q: What type of music does Spiderman like to dance to?
A: Swing.

Spiderman thought my new car looked awesome, so I let him take it for a spin….

Q: Why was Spiderman searching for Doc Ock?
A: For committing armed robbery…

Q: What’s a Spider-Man tongue twister?
A: Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Q: Which superhero makes the best falafel sandwiches?
A: Pita Parker.

Q: What baseball position does Spider-Man like most?
A: The outfield because he catches the most flies.

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I was wondering how Spiderman can be such a good swimmer… then I thought that maybe he has webbed feet.

Q: What did Spiderman serve to the villains who crashed his party?
A: Punch!

Q: What does Spiderman do to pass the time?
A: Surfs the web.

Spiderman was the game MVP for his baseball team last night… He caught a lot of flies.

Q: Why did Spider-Man hire an accountant?
A: To figure out his NET income.

Spider-Man Puns

Q: Why did Spiderman invest in the stock market?
A: To turn his Spidey cents into Spidey dollars.

Q: What did Iron Man say to Spider Man?
A: Don’t bug me.

Q: What is Spider-Man’s busiest day of the week?
A: Spun-day.

Q: What is Spider-Man’s favorite month of the year?

Q: What do you call Spider-Man joining the Marvel Universe?
A: A Spin-Off

Q: What does Spider Man put in his lemonade?
A: Just-ice.

Q: What do you get when you cross a hound dog with Spider-Man?
A: Peter Barker.

Q: What is Spiderman’s favorite day of the week?
A: FLY-day.

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