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Other names for Superman include Clark Kent, the man of steel, Nightwing and Flamebird – and his real, Kryptonian name is Kal-El.

Superman jokes are fun anytime, but especially for kids birthday parties and around Halloween when they dress up as their favorite superhero.

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Superman Jokes for Kids

Q: What does Superman use to eat cereal?
A: A Super bowl

Q: What is Superman’s favorite drink?
A: Lemon Aid.

Q: How did Superman fix the broken bridge?
A: A lot of Super Glue

Q: What happens to Superman after he eats a tic-tac?
A: He has super breath.

Q: What is Superman’s favorite sporting event?
A: The Super Bowl

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Q: Why is Clark Kent such a bad cook?
A: His cooking is Superbland.

Q: Why doesn’t Superman like to go out after dinner?
A: He’s afraid of krypto-night.

Q: What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a chowder?
A: Souperman.

Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark at Superman’s birthday party?
A: They forgot to invite the Flash.

Q: What do Superman put in his lemonade?
A: Just ice.

Q: When does Superman sleep?
A: At Krypto-night.

Q: What’s the name of Superman’s home planet in opposite dimension?
A: Kryptoff.

Q: What kind of home does Superman live in?
A: A Supermansion.

Q: Where does Superman go potty?
A: In the Supercan.

Q: Why does Superman tell jokes while he runs?
A: He’s an Action Comic.

Q: Why does Superman carry around a power converter when he’s in the United States?
A: Because he’s from the DC Universe.

Q: What is Superman’s favorite candy?
A: Clark Bars.

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Q: Why is it so easy for Superman to jump higher than tall buildings?
A: Because buildings can’t jump.

Q: Who would Superman say you should never hire to repair your lawn?
A: General Sod.

Q: Who was pre-historic Superman’s arch enemy?
A: T. Rex Luthor.

Q: What do you get when you cross a pig and Superman?
A: The man of Squeal.

Q: Where did Superman go to college?
A: Kent State.

Q: Where does Clark Kent go on vacation?
A: Cape Cod.

Q: What does Superman like even more than New Year’s Eves?
A: Christopher-eves.

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