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Jokes for Thanksgiving

Jokes for Thanksgiving for friends and family to gobble up! These Clean Thanksgiving jokes will bring smiles to your Thanksgiving holiday season. Families love these Thanksgiving jokes, turkey jokes, Pilgrim jokes and Thanksgiving Dinner jokes as Thanksgiving rolls around (see Bread jokes).

These jokes are a great way for parents and teachers to get in the spirit of the holiday. Write some out on post-it notes and put in a lunchbox or notebook for school.

Sink your teeth into these collections of Thanksgiving jokes — they’re clean, kid-safe and fun for the whole family. You can also check out our mega collection of Thanksgiving Jokes, all on one page, here”Thanksgiving Jokes.

apple cider jokes

Apple Cider Jokes

Apple Cider Jokes are especially great during Autumn apple season, but these jokes about apple cider are funny anytime. If you're looking for Apple Cider Jokes, then you're going to love this collection of jokes, puns, riddles, and knock-knock jokes.
Funny Colonists & Settlers - Jokes, Puns and Riddles

Colonist Jokes

Colonist jokes & funny jokes about settlers & Pilgrims. Clean colonist jokes for Social Studies teachers, parents, explorers, kids & adults of all ages.
Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes

These Thanksgiving knock knock jokes are going to tickle your funny bone.
Cornn Bread Jokes - Funny Southwestern Jokes

Corn Bread Jokes

These corn bread jokes aren't corny at all. Well, maybe a little. But they're funny too!
Funny Gravy Jokes and Riddles

Gravy Jokes

If you like gravy, then you'll love these gravy jokes.
Green Bean Jokes - Funny String Bean Jokes

Green Bean Jokes

Eating your green beans is good for your health - and so is laughing at these jokes about green beans!
Mayflower Jokes - Pilgrim and Halloween Jokes

Mayflower Jokes

Take a voyage on the Mayflower with these funny jokes.
Funny Apple Jokes

Apple Jokes

We have a bushel of apple jokes for you and they're sure to bring lots of smiles. Apple pie jokes too!
Funny Pie Jokes - Jokes about Pies

Pie Jokes

Sink your teeth into this collection of funny pie jokes! Great for the holidays or anytime.
Funny Pumpkin - Jokes Puns, Riddles

Pumpkin Jokes

Pumpkin jokes are perfect during the fall and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Dig into these pumpkin jokes, riddles and puns!
Funny Potato - Potato Jokes for Kids - Clean Potato Puns

Potato Jokes

Jokes about potatoes for Thanksgiving or anytime. These potato jokes are smashing!
Funny Sweet Potato Jokes & Jokes About Yams

Sweet Potato Jokes

These sweet potato and yam jokes are great anytime - but especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They're yamtastic!
Funny Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Check out this great collection of jokes about Thanksgiving food, like pumpkins, turkey, stuffing and more. Safe for all ages!
Funny Corn - Jokes about corn

Corn Jokes

Funny corn jokes for the whole family. Clean corn jokes, puns & riddles for kids, farmers, chefs, teachers & all corn lovers. Fun for Autumn holidays!

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