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Easter Jokes

You’ll find plenty of funny Easter jokes in these Easter joke collections. Share some smiles with the kids in your life, these Easter jokes are great for parents, babysitters, pastors, grandparents and anyone who celebrates Easter.

Easter Egg Jokes for Kids

Easter Egg Jokes

Easter egg jokes you can get egg-cited about!
Egg Jokes - Funny Egg Jokes for Family

Egg Jokes

These egg jokes are eggstremely funny, silly and waiting to be laughed at.
Happy Easter Jokes - Funny Jokes for Easter

Funny Easter Jokes

Funny Easter jokes, including Easter Bunny jokes and Easter Knock Knock jokes. Clean, safe and fun for all ages.
Knock Knock Easter Jokes - Bunny Rabbit Eggs

Easter Knock Knock Jokes

The biggest, funniest collection of Easter knock knock jokes anywhere. Knock someone's socks off with a funny Easter knock-knock joke.
Funny Easter Bunny Jokes for Children

Easter Bunny Jokes

Hop on over to our Easter Bunny joke page for the funniest jokes about the Easter Rabbit.

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