Corn Bread Jokes

Funny cornbread jokes? If you’re looking for jokes about cornbread, then this collection of corn bread jokes is for you.

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving jokes, Christmas dinner jokes or just some riddles for your cornbread loving guests, these clean corn bread jokes are sure to satisfy.

Sometimes cornbread is made as Johnny cakes or corn muffins, and is especially popular in Southern cooking. Know any fans of Southern cooking or Southwestern style cooking? Then treat them to a serving of cornbread jokes.

Jokes About Cornbread

Q: What was the cornbread afraid of?
A: The goblin.

Q: Why was the corn bread fired from his job?
A: He was loafing around to much.

Q: What did the corn bread say to it’s mother?
A: Where is pop corn?

Q: How did the cornbread get away from the holiday feast?
A: It waved down a taxi cob.

Q: Why does gravy look so good next to cornbread?
A: Their colors corntrast.

Q: Why was the cornbread avoiding the stuffing?
A: He didn’t feel cornfortable being near it.

Q: What do you tell cornbread after it graduates from college?
A: Corn-gratulations.

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Q: Why was the corn bread afraid of Jimmy?
A: Because Jimmy cracks corn and he don’t care.

Q: Why did the potato start an argument with the corn bread?
A: It was an agi-tater.

Q: What do bakers drink while the corn bread is in the oven?
A: Baking soda.

Q: What is corn oil use for?
A: To stop corn bread from squeaking.

Q: What kind of amphibian bakes corn bread?
A: A corned toad.

Q: What did the corn bread say when he received a compliment?
A: Aw, shucks.

Q: What is corn oil use for?
A: Corn bread cars.

Q: How did the cornbread keep it’s shape?
A: By spending an hour on the gym’s bread machine.

Q: Why couldn’t the cornbread make it across the table?
A: There was a maize to get through.

Q: What did the cornbread say to the mashed potatoes?
A: You are a-peeling.

Q: How is cornbread like the army?
A: They’re both made up of lots of kernels.

Q: What do you get when an elephant steps on your corn bread?
A: Creamed corn.

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Q: What did the cornbread’s father do at night?
A: Told breadtime stories.

Q: What do you call frightened corn bread.
A: Screamed corn.

Q: Why doesn’t cornbread like warm weather?
A: It get’s too toasty.

Q: What does corn use as money?
A: Corn bread.

Q: Which baseball legend baked the best corn bread?
A: Ty Cob.

Q: Why doesn’t corn bread move?
A: It has no corn oil.

Q: What do you get when you cross cornbread with a cow?
A: Corned Beef.

Q: Why does everyone need corn bread?
A: Because loaf makes the world go round.

Q: What happens when a werewolf eats corn bread?
A: It turns into a corn dog.

Q: Why didn’t anyone laugh at the Johnny Cake joke?
A: It was too corny.

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