Green Bean Jokes

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These green bean riddles and jokes are perfect for anyone who loves green beans, gardening, farming, Thanksgiving and cooking – or works in a kitchen, restaurant or school cafeteria.

You’ll find green bean one-liners relating to different types and varieties of bush and pole beans. All of our jokes are great for parents, teachers and kids of all ages.

Funny Green Bean Jokes

Q: What acting job did the green bean audition for?
A: The casseROLE.

Q: What made the green bean turn red?
A: It saw the salad dressing.

Q: Why was the potato actor so happy?
A: He got a lead role in Plants vs. Zombies.

Q: When is green bean casserole bad for your health?
A: When you’re the green bean.

Q: What can’t hide in the garden?
A: Seen beans.

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Q: What green vegetable comes from Europe?
A: Pole Beans.

Q: What goes into a garden to grow the best green beans?
A: Perspiration.

Q: What vegetable can tie your shoes?
A: String beans.

Q: Why wasn’t the young veggie allowed to start in the game?
A: He was a green bean.

Q: Why couldn’t the green bean answer the door?
A: It was in the can.

Q: What kind of stockings do you need to grow green beans?
A: Garden hose.

Q: What vegetable comes from outer space?
A: Green beings.

Q: Which green beans never get hired to act anymore?
A: The has beans.

Q: What did the green bean say to the corn that graduated from high school?
A: Corn-gratulations.

Q: What did the green bean have to pass to get it’s license?
A: The salad bar.

Q: What kind of beans can’t grow in a garden?
A: Jelly beans

Q: What holiday do green beans like most?
A: St. Patrick’s Day – because they fit right in!

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Q: What did the mama green bean say to her son who got home late?
A: Where have you bean?

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a garden?
A: Because the potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears, and the green beans stalk.

Q: Why did the kicker bring string beans to the football game?
A: Just in case he needed to tie the game?

Q: What kind of shows do green beans do?
A: Pod casts.

Q: Why did the green bean become a boxer?
A: He heard he was a contender. (Contender is a variety of green bean)

Q: Which super hero grew in the garden?
A: Green Bean Lantern.

Q: What did the yellow wax bean say to the green bean?
A: You’re looking a little under the weather…

Q: Who helps young green beans cross the garden safely?
A: The crossing gourd.

Q: What’s black, white, green and waddles?
A: A penguin carrying green beans.

Q: Why were the two green bean plants so close?
A: They had deep roots.

Q: Why did the witch paint her toenails green?
A: So she could hide in the green bean patch.

Q: When is a green bean not a green bean?
A: When you drop it – then it’s a squash.

Q: What’s the best thing to put in green bean casserole?
A: Your teeth.

Q: Why wouldn’t the teacher bring the class to the green bean farm?
A: It was in a seedy part of town.

Q: Why are green bean so green?
A: They’re Packers fans (Green Bay Packers).

Q: Which type of green bean is always sad?
A: “Blue Lake” Bush Beans

Q: Why couldn’t the green bean play the violin?
A: It was stringless.

Q: Why was the green bean wearing a harnass?
A: It was a climbing bean.

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Q: Who was the most feared football player in the garden?
A: Mean Joe Green Bean

Q: Why don’t you put the turkey near the green beans?
A: Because it will gobble, gobble, gobble it up.

Q: Why was the green bean ashamed?
A: It saw the cranberry dressing.

Q: What did the boy say when his Mom wanted his help to fix the green bean casserole?
A: But I didn’t break it.

Q: What appliance stressed out the green beans?
A: The pressure cooker.

Q: What did the pasta say to the green bean?
A: Penne for your thoughts.

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