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Funny Kitchen Jokes

Q: What do people often say in a cold, Mexican kitchen?
A: Brrrrrrito.

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell jokes about peanut butter?
A: People might spread it around.

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell an egg a joke?
A: It might crack up.

Q: How can you tell you’re not the best a grilling?
A: Your family heads to the table when they hear a fire engine siren.

Q: What’s better as a nursery line than a kitchen dish?
A: Peas porridge in a pot nine days old.

Q: How do you know there’s a bad cook working in the kitchen?
A: Everyone is ordering Alka-Seltzer to drink with their dinner.

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Q: How might a parent know they’re a bad cook?
A: Their son invites the class bully to dinner.

Q: Why did the wait staff avoid the line cook?
A: He was always steaming.

Q: What do lousy chefs use to tell them when a roast is done?
A: A smoke detector.

Q: Why was the chef listed as the baseball team’s best base runner?
A: He kept running away with the hot plate.

Q: What appliance did the stressed out cook use too much?
A: The pressure cooker.

Q: Why was the appliance always late to the kitchen?
It was slow cooker.

Q: What was the church’s chef asked to put on all the sandwiches?
A: Miracle whip.

Q: Who is the most holy member of all the kitchen appliances?
A: The turkey friar.

Q: How did the chef win the golf tournament?
A: He got a hole in one using his waffle iron.

Q: Why did the judge want to borrow the restaurant’s kitchen?
A: It had a conviction oven.

Q: Why did the robber break into the kitchen?
He heard they had a bread making machine.

Q: Why didn’t the chef ever have any spare change?
A: He used it to park in front of the thermo meter.

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Q: Where do tired, angry person go out to eat?
A: A rest-and-rant.

Q: Why was the pasty chef so annoying at the dance party?
A: He kept trying to cut-in.

Q: What’s the smartest way to clean a dirty kitchen pan?
A: Use a brillo-iant pad.

Q: Why wasn’t the baker asked to join the golf team?
A: He was a well known slicer.

Q: Why was everyone in the kitchen upset with the sous chef?
A: He kept roasting everyone.

Q: What did the religious sausage maker say everytime he made a fresh batch?
A: Braise the Lard!

Q: What can you always substitute for ice in recipe?
A: Frozen water.

Q: Where did the frozen food like to sit?
A: On their Frigiderriere.

Q: What did one pasta say to the other?
A: Penne for your thoughts.

Q: What did the chef give the person who asked for gluten-free spaghetti?
A: An impasta.

Q: Why was the pickle given the top shelf in the kitchen cooler?
A: The chef thought it was kind of a big dill.

Q: What bummed out the shredder?
A: Not being grater.

Q: Why couldn’t the new kitchen worker prep the carrots?
A: He thought the chef told him to slice with Sudoku instead of Santoku.

Q: Why was the new dishwasher fired?
A: The chef said to clean with spic-and-span, not spit-in-pan.

Q: Why was it so hard for the woman to order Italian food at Olive Garden?
A: She was at Olive Garden…

Q: What was the first thing Luke Skywalker said to the diners at his new restaurant?
A: May the forks be with you.

Q: Which famous chef always gets hair in the food?
A: Woofgang Pup.

Q: Who was the best young cook in history?
A: Julia’s Child.

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