Bread Jokes

This is a fun collection of jokes about bread and the bakers that make it. Great for holidays, like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas – or anytime. Clean and safe jokes for kids of all ages.

You’re going to get a laugh from these bread jokes, whether you’re the one baking bread or the one eating it.

Bread Jokes

Q: Why does everyone need bread and water?
A: Because loaf makes the world go round.

Q: Why was the baker so grumpy?
A: He woke up on the wrong side of the bread.

Q: Why doesn’t bread like warm weather?
A: It get’s too toasty.

Q: Why did the baker go back to school?
A: To learn how to b-read.

Q: When does bread rise?
A: When you yeast expect it to.

Q: How did the bread keep it’s shape?
A: By spending an hour on the gym’s bread machine.

Q: Why was the host arrested?
A: She kept breaking bread.

Q: What did the slice of bread say to the other slice of bread when he saw butter on the table?
A: We’re toast.

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Q: What did the young slice of bread say when his mommy told him to clean up?
A: Rye do I always have to do it.

Q: Why was the baker embarrased when her guests arrived for dinner?
A: She had egg on her face.

Q: Why was the bread fired from his job?
A: He was loafing around to much.

Q: What do they call a bread made with gun powder instead of baking powder?
A: A POPover.

Q: Why did the bread explode?
A: The baker used gun powder instead of baking powder by mistake.

Q: Why was the baker so scared?
A: He was in a loaf or death situation.

Q: What did the young loaf of bread say to the teacher?
A: Rye so serious?

Q: What musical instrument are bakers always asked to play?
A: The drums – because they always have the bread sticks.

Q: What do bakers give people on special occasions?
A: Flours

Q: Why did the baker get arrested?
A: He was caught beating an egg.

Q: What did the yeast say to the bag of flour while working on their science project?
A: We Knead to be serious.

Q: Why did the baker lose his job?
A: He kept pinching the salt.

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Q: What do they serve to drink in bakeries?
A: Baking soda.

Q: What does bread do after it’s done baking?
A: It loaf’s around.

Q: What do bakers have to do every morning before leaving?
A: Make sure their bread is made.

Q: What was the baker’s favorite Beatles song?
A: All you Knead is Loaf.

Q: What did the yeast say to the bakers flour?
A: I loaf you dough much.

Q: What does the Sourdough daddy do at night?
A: Tells breadtime stories.

Q: Why do bread jokes stay funny?
A: Because they never get mold.

Q: What was the baker’s favorite Pokemon?
A: Rhydon.

Q: What story do old loaves of bread tell?
A: Moldylocks and the three bears.

Q: Why isn’t it fun to work in a bakery?
A: It’s a crumby place to work.

Q: Which type of biscuits can fly?
A: Plain ones

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Q: What did they say about the old loaf’s song?
A: It’s a moldy but a goodie.

Q: What did the butter say to the bread?
A: I’m on a roll.

Q: What sport do tall loaves play?
A: Breadbasket ball.

Q: What did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread?
A: I saw you yeasterday.

Q: What game do bakers play inside a circle?
A: Marble bread.

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