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Frisbee Jokes

Q: Where did the frisbee go to dance?
A: To a disc-o

Q: How is a frisbee player like a playing card?
A: When they’re both aces.

Q: Why was the losing frisbee team never hungry?
A: They always got bageled

Q: Which pro frisbee team is on the lam?
A: Ottawa Outlaws.

Q: How do ghosts get their exercise?
A: They play frisboo.

Q: Which paw patrol member is best at frisbee?
A: Chase.

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Q: Which pro frisbee team is the loudest?
A: Tampa Bay Cannons

Q: What was the frisbee players night job?
A: Disc Jockey.

Q: Why did the frisbee player eat so many beans?
A: To take advantage of the cross wind.

Q: Why did the frisbee player go to the dentist before the match?
A: To help him with his dribbling.

Q: What does IHOP have in common with frisbee?
A: They both have pancakes!

Q: Which pro frisbee team has the quickest players?
A: Atlanta Hustle

Q: Which literary character has the best frisbee throw?
A: HUCK Finn.

Q: What sport do they play in Atlantis?
A: Fishbee

Q: Why did the frisbee player miss the big game?
A: He was out with a slipped disc.

Q: Which pro frisbee team is the creepiest?
A: San Jose Spiders!

Q: What stung the ultimate player?
A: A fris bee

Q: How do you recognize a professional Frisbee player at your doorstep?
A: He is delivering your pizza.

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Frisbee Puns

I was wondering why the frisbee was getting bigger. Then it hit me…

Frisbee is not a real sport. Discus.

Ever hear the story about the overthrown frisbee? Nevermind, it will just go over your head…

I told my wife a joke about a Frisbee. It fell flat.

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