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Kids Sports Jokes

Kids jokes about sports – including baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, hockey and more. All of the sports jokes in our collection are parent approved and safe for children of all ages.

These sports jokes are great for teachers, gym teachers, coaches, parents and kids – especially kids who play sports. If you’re a coach, print some out and keep them on your clip board for those times during practice when you want to lighten the mood.

Track and Field Jokes for Kids

Track and Field Jokes

Funny Track and Field Jokes for fans of Discus, shot put, javelin, hammer throw, pole vault, long jump, high jump, triple jump and running..
Color Guard Jokes - Funny Jokes for Color Guard and Marching Band

Color Guard Jokes

Funny Color Guard jokes for band directors, instructors, color guard directors, winter guard performers, band parents and anyone who enjoys Color Guard.
San Francisco 49ers Jokes - funny Forty Niners Jokes

San Francisco 49ers Jokes

Funny San Francisco 49ers Jokes for Niners fans and football fans of all ages.
Kansas City Chiefs Jokes - Clean NFL Jokes

Kansas City Chiefs Jokes

Funny Kansas City Chief jokes for Chiefs fans and football fans of all ages.
Clean Super Bowl Jokes for Kids

Super Bowl Jokes

These Super Bowl jokes are super funny for football fans.
Washington Nationals Jokes

Washington National Jokes

Funny Washington Nationals Jokes for fans and foes of all ages. These are the best Washington Nats jokes anywhere!
Funny Atlanta Braves Jokes

Atlanta Braves Jokes

Funny Atlanta Braves Jokes for Braves baseball fans of all ages. Best Braves jokes for fans and rivals.
Philadelphia Eagles Jokes

Philadelphia Eagles Jokes

You're going to love these Philadelphia Eagles football team jokes - funny for fans and foes.
Cross Country Jokes

Cross Country Jokes

Jokes about Cross Country for runners, parents, coaches, fans and more. Funny cross country running jokes. Clean for adults and kids of all ages.
March Madness - Final Four Basketball Jokes

March Madness Jokes

Don't get mad - get March Madness instead! Bounce over to this page of funny March Madness jokes!
Super Bowl LIII Jokes - Rams - Patriots

Super Bowl LIII Jokes – Rams vs. Patriots

These Super Bowl LIII jokes are super funny.
LA Rams Football Jokes - Los Angeles Rams Jokes

Los Angeles Rams Jokes

Funny Rams jokes are here for ewe to laugh at.
New Orleans Saints Jokes

New Orleans Saints Jokes

Looking for funny New Orleans Saints Jokes? These are the best Saints jokes you'll find anywhere.
New England Patriots Jokes - Football Jokes

New England Patriots Jokes

Looking for funny New England Patriots Jokes? These are the best Patriots jokes you'll find anywhere. Not only are these New England Patriots...

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