Sailing Jokes

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Jokes about Sailing

Q: Why did the sailboat want to dance with the motor boat?
A: Because he liked her a yacht.

Q: What did the Southern sailboat say to the group of sailboats?
A: Hello Yawl !! (Yawl is a type of sailing vessel)

Q: What do sailors play when they’re bored?
A: Cards – because they always have a deck.

Q: Why did the captain hire a cleaning service?
A: His sailboat was looking dinghy.

Q: Why was the sailor broke?
A: The captain docked his pay.

Q: What race is never run?
A: A regatta.

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Q: What sailing movie featured Luke Skywater?
A: Star Board.

Q: Why was the sailboat feeling better?
A: It was heeling.

Q: Why did the sailor keep his money on an elevated sea floor?
A: It was a bank.

Q: Why did the baseball player bring his gear on the sailboat?
A: He was told he might have to batten down the hatches.

Q: What do you call a boat that doesn’t use naughty words?
A: A censor-ship.

Q: Where did the Monkees keep their sailing gear?
A: In Davy Jones’ Locker.

Q: Why did it take so long for the sailor to pull it up his anchor?
A: It was farther than he FATHOMed (fathom is a unit of length, usually for depth)

Q: What detergent do sailors use?
A: Tide!

Q: What was the soccer player looking for on the boat?
A: Cleats.

Q: How did the priest sink the brand new sailboat?
A: He christened it with holey water.

Q: What did the girl wear when she went sailing to the beach?
A: A bimini top

Q: What kind of knot does Santa use when sailing?
A: A Cringle.

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Q: How do you make a sick sailboat feel better?
A: Give it some Vitamin Sea.

Q: What do you call the fastest sailboat in the world?
A: Usain Boat.

Q: Why did the sailing instructor jump into the lake?
A: She wanted to test the water!

Q: Where do ghosts like to go sailing?
A: Lake Eerie

Q: Where do you take a sick sailboat?
A: To the nearest doc.

Q: Where do zombies like to go sailing?
A: The Dead Sea

Q: How do you make a sailboat look younger?
A: With Boat-Tox.

Q: How do ocean sailors say hello to each other?
A: They wave.

Q: What happened to the sailor who did poorly on his sailing test?
A: He got C-sick.

Q: Where did Bugs Bunny park his sailboat?
A: At the what’s-up dock.

Q: What’s the polite term for an overweight sailor?
A: Portly

Q: Who is the author of the book “How to Sail”
A: Bo Ting.

Q: How long did the sailor wait?
A: Until the bitter end.

Q: When did the sailor get a knockout?
A: When he was boxing the compass.

Q: Why do they have helmets on sailboats?
A: To protect the bulkhead.

Q: How big was the shipwrecked sailboat?
A: It was capsized.

Q: What kind of sailing ship serves ice cream cakes?
A: A Caravel (sailing ship used in the 15-16th century)

Q: What do kids sing when they’re sailing the seas?
A: The farmer in the Citadel, the farmer in the Citadel. Hi-ho, the derry-o, the farmer in the Citadel.

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Q: Why didn’t the rope speak English?
A: It was Flemish (flemish is when a rope is coiled flat).

Q: Why did the angry sail fall down?
A: It blew a gasket.

Q: Where do sailors buy tools?
A: Harbor Freight.

Q: What did the two ropes do after falling in love?
A: They got hitched (hitch is a type of knot).

Q: Why did the sailboat captain bring a hockey player on his voyage?
A: To prevent icing (a hazard for ships – and a play in hockey).

Q: What do you call a sailor when he sits in a wooden crate?
A: A Jack in the box.

Q: Why wasn’t the sailboat ever happy?
A: It wasn’t a Jolly Boat! (Jolly boats are a type of barge).

Q: What did the sailor say when the Coast Guard accused him of speeding?
A: I did knot!

Q: Why did the sailor bring a salt shaker with him?
A: To put it on the leach. (leach is the after edge of a sail, and a blood sucking animal)

Q: What’s opposite the Lee side on a sailboat?
A: The Levi side.

Q: What kind of reptile might you find on a sailboat?
A: A Lizard! (lizard is a short length of rope with ane eye)

Q: What baseball team do Sailors root for?
A: The Seattle Mariners.

Q: When do sailors eat dinner?
A: Maritime.

Q: Why was the sailor put in time-out?
A: He was naughty-cal.

Q: Where do sailors play checkers?
A: Overboard.

Q: Why did the sailboat crash into the dock.
A: It was closer than it a-PIER-ed

Q: Where do sailors make change for a dollar?
A: On the quarterdeck.

Q: Why was pet control chasing the sailboat?
A: There was a stray salty dog on board.

Q: Why was the sailor so early for the party?
A: He got there Schooner than expected.

Q: How old was the sailboat?
A: Wind Age. (Windage is the wind resistance of a boat)

Q: Who were all the sailboats afraid of?
A: The wicked winch of the west.

Q: What was the sailors favorite letter of the alphabet?
A: C (Sea)

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