Biology Jokes

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Biology is the life science that studies life and living organisms (life sciences). Categories and branches of biology include zoology (study of animals) and botany (study of plants).

Not only are these biology jokes humorous, but they are also clean biology jokes. Some of these jokes are aimed at older students and some may tricky to understand, but there are jokes for every age to laugh at.

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Biology Jokes

Q: How do biologists communicate with each other?
A: Cellular phones.

Q: What’s the fiercest type of flower?
A: A dandelion!

Q: How did the botany student finish here flower identifacation homework so quickly?
A: She put the petal to the metal.

Q: Which branch of science is the IRS interested in?
A: Taxonomy.

Q: What do you call a couple of Latin mice?
A: A paramecium?

Q: How do biologists protect their heads when cycling?
A: Helminths (Helminths are parasitic worms)
Q: What is most commonly found inside cells?
A: Criminals.

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Q: What did the entomologist say to the Red Admiral?
A: Stop bugging me. (Red Admiral is a type of insect).

Q: Why was the student sent home from school for breaking the dress code?
A: Too much of her epidermis was showing.

Q: How were the two protein structures able to remain friends for so long?
A: They had a peptide bond…

Q: Why were the sports fans cheering for the fungi?
A: Because he spored!

Q: How did the pirate punish the marine biologist?
A: By making him walk the PLANKton…

Q: What does the sign on the microbiology lab door say?
A: Staph Only

Q: What’s the opposite of Nutrition?
A: Old-trition.

Q: What do you call a well-traveled microbiologist who speaks several languages?
A: A person of many cultures

Q: Why was the biology teacher so popular at school?
A: He was a fungi.

Q: What’s the difference between a puppy and a marine biologist?
A: One wags a tail while the other tags a whale.

Q: How did the biologist call for Sean “Puffy” Combs?
A: Heredity

Q: Who was father of holy biologists?
A: Saint Nucleus.

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Q: What did the cell say when his sister stepped in his foot?
A: Ow – Mitosis!

Q: Why did the biologist get booed off the stage during American Idol?
A: He was caught Lipidsynching

Q: What did Gregor Mendel shout out when he founded genetics?
A: Whoo-pea! (Mendel’s pea plant experiments established many rules of heredity).

Q: What’s was the pirate favorite amino acid?
A: Arrrrrrr-ginine.

Q: What musical instrument do biiologists play?
A: Organs

Q: What are the names of the recycling triplets?
A: Polly, Ethel and Ian. (Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic in the world)

Q: What do biologists wear when they play hockey?
A: Helminths.

Q: Why was the girl worried about biology class?
A: She has a Nervous System.

Q: Did you hear the famous biology song?
A: “Every Breath You Take” by Sting.

Q: Which place of worship is made from amino acids?
A: The cysteine chapel. (Cysteine is a thiol-containing non-essential amino acid)

Q: How did Gregor Mendel become wealthy?
A: From his Mendelian inheritance.

Q: What did the femur bone say to the patella?
A: I kneed you.

Q: What did the biologist order at the Dinosaur Barbeque Restaurant?
A: Back-back Ribosomes

Q: What did the biologist name her twin daughters?
A: “Jenna” and “Control”

Q: Why can’t plants escape from jail?
A: There are walls around their cells.

Q: What did the biologist see at the beach?
A: Nucleotides

Q: Where are criminal neurons sent?
A: A chain ganglion.

Q: How do you eat a DNA-salad?
A: With a replication fork.

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Q: Where does a hippopotamus spend most of it’s time at college?
A: On hippocampus

Q: What can you use to get plaque off of your brain?
A: Neural Crest

Q: Do you want to know something about Potassium?
A: K

Q: What is it called when a can of Pepsi washes up on a beach?
A: A Peptide

Q: What do you call a broken spirometer?
A: Expired. (spirometer measures the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs)

Q: What would you most commonly find in a cell?
A: Criminals.

Q: What kind of notebooks do dendrochronologists use?
A: Tree-ring binders.

Q: What kind of pants do fashionable biologists wear?
A: Designer genes.

Q: How did the biologist learn how to repair his house?
A: Homology

Q: Why don’t dendrochronologist’s get married?
A: They only date trees. (Dendrochronology is a scientific method of dating tree rings)

Q: Why did the student ask his mom for money?
A: He thought he had to buy ology.

Q: Why do biology teachers like these Fun Kids Jokes?
A: Because they are humerus… (humerus is a bone in the body)

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Bill who?
Billology is my favorite science subject.

Q: How did Dorothy get to the wizard?
A: OZmosis.

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