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Friday Jokes

Q: What comes after Black Friday?
A: Broke Saturday.

Q: What can really ruin your Friday?
A: Finding out it’s only Thursday.

Q: Why do geologists shop on Friday?
A: For the great weekend shales!

Q: Where can you save 100% on Black Friday?
A: At home – by not shopping.

Q: What’s scarier than Friday the 13th?
A: Monday the 16th.

Q: What do cows do on Friday nights?
A: Go to the mooooooovies.

Q: Why did Friday start going to the gym?
A: He was a weak day.

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Q: Why did Han go shopping on Black Friday?
A: Because the prices were Solo.

Q: In what country is every day a friday?
A: Grease. (Fry Day / Greece)

Q: What did the fruit ask at the end of the work week?
A: Orange you glad it’s Friday?

Q: What’s the worst part about Friday afternoons?
A: Realizing it’s just wednesday.

Q: Why wasn’t the Friday serious about anything?
A: It was a casual Friday.

Q: What did the teacher give on black Friday?
A: 50% off late assignments.

Friday Dad Jokes

Q: Why couldn’t Friday lift anything heavy?
A: Because it was a weak day.

Q: What did Friday say to Saturday and Sunday when they were about to give up?
A: Weekend do it!

Q: Why couldn’t I get an appointment at the library for Friday?
A: They were all booked up.

Q: Why shouldn’t you worry about Friday the 13th?
A: Because it’s bad luck to be superstitious.

Q: Why did the student cheer when he got home from school?
A: It was Friyay!

Q: Why did Pierre go to McDonalds?
A: It was French Fry-Day.

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Q: Why didn’t the French chef realize it was Friday?
A: It Crêpe’d up on him.

Q: What day of the week did Toad like the most?
A: Fly-day.

Q: Why did Thomas the Tank Engine stop working on Friday?
A: He ran out of steam…

Q: What did the Iceberg say to the Romaine on Friday?
A: Lettuce celebrate!

Friday Riddles

Riddle: Why are Saturday and Sunday the strongest days of the week?
Answer: Because Monday through Friday are weekdays.

Riddle: How can a man leave home on Friday, stay away for 4 nights, and then return on Friday?
Answer: Friday is the name of his horse.

Friday Knock Knock Jokes

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Friday who?
Friday who loves you too.

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