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Tuesday Jokes

Q: What does it mean when you wake up on Tuesday morning?
A: That you made it though another Monday!

Q: What’s the scariest day of the week?
A: Boo’s-Day.

Q: Why didn’t the French chef realize it was pancake Tuesday?
A: It Crêpe’d up on him.

Q: When did Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery?
A: On a Cluesday.

Q: What day should you wear flip-flop sandals?
A: Toesday!

Q: When should you never annoy a lawyer?
A: On a Suesday.

Q: Why didn’t Superman eat the nachos at tonight’s taco Tuesday dinner?
A: He’s afraid of that chip-tonight.

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Q: Why was everyone looking for Lipton?
A: It was Teasday. (Lipton is a brand of tea).

Q: Why didn’t Pugsley’s sister ever compete in races?
A: Because Tuesday always came before Wednesday. (Wednesday is Pugley’s sister from the Addam’s Family)

Q: What do you call a Tuesday for people who forget to set their morning alarm clock?
A: Snooze-day.

Q: Which day of the week do golfers like the most?
A: Tee-sday (golfers place the ball on a tee to start each hole).

Q: Why did the Mexican restaurant get such a great review on Tuesday night?
A: It was nacho average Taco Tuesday!

Q: Why did the student wear a ballet skirt to school?
A: He thought it was tutus-day. (a tutu is a ballet skirt)

Q: On which day of the week is it the hardest to lie?
A: Truthsday.

Q: Why isn’t Tuesday the saddest day of the week.
A: Because 4 days later is a sadder day.

Q: What’s the best day to give a dog a bone?
A: Chewsday.

Q: Why are Saturdays stronger than Tuesdays?
A: Because Tuesday is a weak day…

Q: What is the best day to say cheers?
A: Toast Day.

Q: Why is Taco Tuesday so good for family night?
A: Everyone gets a chance to taco ’bout their day!

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Q: Why did the couple have to spend the whole day together?
A: It was Twos-day.

Q: What did the Krispy Kreme donut sign say on Taco Tuesday?
A: Don’t forget about us today, we have fillings too…

Q: What’s the best day of the week to make a decision?
A: Chooseday.

Q: Why are airports less crowded on Tuesdays?
A: You’re supposed Tuesday on the ground…

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Tuesday who?
Tuesday morning – time to wake up!

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