Pharaoh jokes - Egyptian King & Queen Jokes

Pharaoh Jokes

Pharaoh jokes that include Pharaoh puns, riddles & knock-knock jokes about Egyptian kings & queens. King Tut and Cleopatra jokes for kids & adults.
Daylight Savings Jokes

Daylight Saving Time Jokes

Daylight Savings Jokes. Clean Daylight Saving puns & riddles for kids & adults. Spring forward & Fall Back jokes for teachers, parents, adults & children.
Greek Mythology Jokes, Riddles and Puns

Greek Mythology Jokes

Greek mythology jokes, riddles and puns for kids & adults. Clean jokes about Greek myths for parents, teachers, historians, children and fans of Greek Mythology stores, books and movies.
Piano Jokes for Kids

Piano Jokes

Piano Jokes, piano puns and piano riddles for kids and adults of all ages. Clean jokes about the piano, pianists, piano teachers, composers and types of pianos.
Goat Jokes - Clean Goat Jokes

Goat Jokes

Goat jokes, riddles, puns, one-liners and knock-knock jokes about goats. Clean goat jokes for kids and adults. Jokes about kids, rams, does, nannies, Billy goats, markhors and more.
Loch Ness Monster Jokes - Nessie Puns and Riddles

Loch Ness Monster Jokes

Loch Ness Monster jokes, puns, riddles, one-liners & knock-knock jokes. Clean Loch Ness Monster jokes for kids & adults. Jokes about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.
Caveman Jokes

Caveman Jokes

Caveman Jokes, caveman riddles & caveman puns for kids & adults of all ages. Funny jokes about cavemen & humor about prehistoric man. Clean caveman jokes.
Headless Horseman Jokes

Headless Horseman Jokes

Headless Horseman jokes that are clean and funny for all ages. The best Headless Horseman jokes, riddles and puns for kids, parents, teachers and adults for Halloween or anytime.
Wonder Woman Jokes

Wonder Woman Jokes

Wonder Woman jokes for fans of the DC superhero Wonder Woman and Justice League. Clean Wonder Woman jokes, puns, riddles, one liners, knock-knock jokes and more.
Supergirl Jokes for Children

Supergirl Jokes

Supergirl Jokes for fans of DC Comics. Supergirl riddles, puns, knock-knock, one-liners and more.

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