Hulk Jokes

If you’re looking for funny Hulk jokes, then this collection of jokes about the Marvel superhero known as Hulk is for you.

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Superhero jokes are fun anytime, but Hulk jokes are especially funny around Halloween when kids are excited about dressing up as their favorite green super hero — who is part of the team of Avengers from Marvel.

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Jokes about Hulk

Q: How did the Avengers fix the bridge the Hulk broke?
A: With a lot of Super Glue

Q: Why did Bruce Banner start to recycle?
A: He went green…

Q: What happens when Hulk jumps into the Black Sea?
A: He gets wet.

Q: Where does Bruce Banner get his tomatoes?
A: From a Greenhouse.

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Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark from Hulk’s birthday party?
A: He forgot to invite the Flash.

Q: What did Bruce Banner order to drink at the Chinese restaurant?
A: Green tea.

Q: What does Hulk put in his lemonade?
A: Just ice.

Q: What is Hulk’s favorite drink?
A: Fruit punch.

Q: What did Bruce Banner say to Spider Man?
A: Don’t bug me.

Q: Why didn’t Hulk end the golf game?
A: He couldn’t leave the green.

Q: What party game does Bruce Banner like the most?
A: The scAVENGER hunt.

Q: How does Hulk help the environment?
A: By living green…

Q: What did Bruce Banner name his jazz band?
A: Avengers Ensemble.

Q: Why did Bruce Banner flush the toilet?
A: Because it was his duty…

Q: What did Hulk say to the grass?
A: I am green with envy

Q: Why was Hulk always so mad?
A: He was from IRE-land

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Q: Why is Hulk such a good gardener?
A: He has green thumbs!

Q: What brand of tools does Bruce Banner like most?
A: Stan Lee.

Q: Why is Hulk’s favorite day on February 29th?
A: It’s Leap Year!

Q: What college fraternity was Bruce Banner in?
A: Gotta Lotta Gamma.

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