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These Halloween Costume jokes are perfect for Halloween – but especially for Halloween parties since that is when people get together in costumes.

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids include: witch, vampire, ghost, pirate, black cat, Batman, dinosaur, Mermaid, Minecraft, Harry Potter and Spider-Man.

Halloween Costume Jokes for Kids

Q: What do lawyers wear on Halloween?
A: Lawsuits.

Two people who were dressed as dolphins met at the Halloween party – and they just clicked…

Q: The ghost of which Disney Princess is perfect to dress up as for Halloween?
A: Poca-HAUNT-us!

Q; Why was everyone hanging out with the guy dressed as a mushroom?
A; He was a Fun-Guy

Q: Why do hotel staff dress up as witches on Halloween?
A: To provide the best broom service.

Q: Who does Cinderella hang out with on Halloween?
A: Her scary godmother.

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I wanted to look fresh at the Halloween party, so I kept my costume in the fridge…

Q: What kind of make-up do you need to dress as a witch?
A: Ma-scare-a.

Q: Why did the woman dress as a half human, half horse for Halloween?
A: She wanted to be the centaur of attention.

I couldn’t find anyone to help me with a wizard costume at the store… they didn’t have the staff.

Q: What did they call the guy with the terrible T-rex costume?
A: An eye-saur.

I thought dressing as a shark for Halloween would be fun, but the novelty of it is wearing a little fin.

Parents love Halloween – that’s why they dress up as Mummies and Deadies all year long!

Q: Why should you always tell the truth when dressed up as a skeleton?
A: Because people can see right through you.

Q: Why didn’t the person dressed as a globe speak to anyone at the Halloween party.
A: He was in a world of his own.

Everyone knew we were nuts when we showed up at the Halloween party dressed as cashews…

Q: How many sheep does it take to make a Halloween sweater?
A: None, sheep can’t knit.

I couldn’t find a Superman costume in my size… they all had an “S” on them.

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I wanted to dress up as deodorant for Halloween, but I’m not SURE…

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