Pirate Jokes for Halloween

Arrrrr you looking for pirate jokes to share on Halloween? Pirate costumes are consistantly one of the most popular costumes on Halloween, so we thought it would be fitting to put together a collection of Halloween Pirate jokes.

The popularity of being a pirate for Halloween isn’t new, but it’s taken on new life in recent years thanks to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. Captain Hook is another favorite on Halloween.

If you’re looking for more pirate jokes (that are not focused on Halloween), then check out our Pirates Jokes Collection.

Q: What did the pirate do the day before Halloween?
A: Mow his front yarrrrrd.

Q: Why didn’t the pirate eat his Halloween candy?
A: He was on a low carrrrrrrrrrrb diet.

Q: Where did the pirate put his Halloween decorations?
A: In his front yarrrrrrrd.

Q: Where do pirates keep their Halloween candy?
A: In a Jarrrrrrr.

Q: How did the pirate stop computer hackers?
A: He installed a patch.

Q: Which Halloween candy do pirates like most?
A: Sweet Tarrrrrrrts.

Q: What a pirates afraid of on Halloween?
A: The darrrrrrrk.

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Q: Why don’t pirates go trick or treating on Halloween?
A: They arrrrrrrrrr afraid of witches.

Q: Why do pirates always win Halloween dance contests?
A: They know how to shake their booties.

Q: What was the pirate’s favorite Halloween noise maker?
A: Parrrrrrty poppers.

Q: Why are pirate costumes so cool on Halloween?
A: They just arrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Q: What do pirates do after they go trick or treating?
A: Go out and play carrrrrds.

Q: Why did the caged pirate dress up as a lawyer?
A: To pass through the barrrs.

Q: Why was the pirate friends with Donkey kong?
A: He was barrrrrels of fun.

Q: Why did the pirate have a hook on one arm?
A: He chop it off when bitten by a flesh eating Zombie.

Q: Where do Pirates call when they break their peg leg?
A: The Carrrrrrpenter.

Q: When do pirate’s buy their Halloween costumes?
A: When they’re on sail.

Q: What did the pirate say during a Halloween snow storm?
A: Shiver me timbers.

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