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Halloween Dad Jokes

Halloween Dad jokes are corny jokes that you would expect a dad to tell on Halloween. These Halloween joke collections feature are exactly the type of Halloween dad jokes you might expect! Halloween Dad jokes about ghosts, goblins, witches, candy, Halloween costumes, skeletons and more.

Goblin Jokes

Goblin Jokes

Goblin jokes for kids, parents and teachers that are funny! Clean goblin jokes for Halloween and parties. Goblin puns, riddles and knock-knock jokes about goblins.
Halloween Costume Jokes for Kids

Halloween Costume Jokes

Clean Halloween Costume Jokes for Kids and Adults. Funny jokes, riddles and puns about Halloween costumes.
Pharaoh jokes - Egyptian King & Queen Jokes

Pharaoh Jokes

Pharaoh jokes that include Pharaoh puns, riddles & knock-knock jokes about Egyptian kings & queens. King Tut and Cleopatra jokes for kids & adults.
Dad Halloween Jokes

Dad Halloween Jokes

Funny Dad Halloween Jokes - corny jokes a dad might tell on Halloween. Clean Dad Halloween Jokes Jokes for Kids, Parents, Teachers and all ages.
Halloween Candy Jokes and Riddles for Kids

Halloween Candy Jokes

If you like candy and Halloween, then you'll love our Halloween Candy Jokes and Riddles!
Halloween Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Halloween Knock Knock Jokes

These Halloween Knock Knock jokes are so funny, they're going to knock you over! Halloween Knock Knock jokes are so funny for Halloween Parties and Trick or Treaters!
haunted house jokes

Haunted House Jokes

Huge collection of haunted house jokes for kids, parents & teachers. Fun for Halloween or anytime. Puns, Riddles & jokes about haunted houses and ghost houses.
Halloween Pirate Jokes

Pirate Jokes for Halloween

Best collection of Pirate jokes for Halloween. These jokes about pirates are all Halloween themed. Clean and funny Pirate jokes for kids of all ages.
Ghost Jokes

Ghost Jokes

Huge collection of ghost jokes that are clean and safe for all ages. Fun jokes about ghosts for Halloween or anytime. For parents, teachers and children.
Frankenstein - Jokes for Kids

Frankenstein Jokes

Frankenstein jokes for parents, teachers and kids of all ages. Fun for Halloween or anytime.
Mummy Jokes

Mummy Jokes

The best collection of mummy jokes for Halloween or anytime. Funny, clean mummy jokes, mummy puns and riddles for parents, teachers, museums and kids of all ages.
Jack o' Lantern Jokes

Jack o’ Lantern Jokes

The best collection of Jack-o-lantern jokes online. Perfect for teachers, parents and kids of all ages. If you're looking for clean pumpkin jokes and jokes about Jack-o-lanterns, especially for Halloween, then this is for you.
zombie jokes

Zombie Jokes

Great collection of zombie jokes for everyone - especially kids. Great for teachers, parents and fans of Zombie games and stories. Perfect for Halloween. Clean zombie jokes for all ages.
Skeleton Jokes

Skeleton Jokes

Skeleton jokes for Halloween, pirate parties or anytime. Clean skeleton jokes for teachers, parents and kids of all ages. Looking for jokes about skeletons? We have them!

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