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Mummy Jokes for Kids

Q: What is the most important day in Egypt?
A: Mummy’s Day.

Q: How can you tell if a mummy has a horrible cold?
A: By his deep, loud coffin.

Q: How did the mummy defeat Superman?
A: With cryptonite.

Q: What did the young pyramid say when it got scared?
A: Where’s my mummy!!

Q: What subject did the mummy study in college?
A: Cryptography.

I think mummy jokes get a bad wrap…

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Q: How did the pharoah get to school?
A: In Anubis.

Q: How come nobody knew that the Archeologist found a mummy?.
A: She kept it under wraps.

Q: What kind of makeup do mummies wear?
A: Mas-scare-a

Q: What kind of roads do mummies like living on?
A: Dead Ends.

Q: What tops off a mummy’s ice cream sundae?
A: Whipped scream.

Q: Why couldn’t the mummy go to school with the witch?
A: He couldn’t spell.

Q: Which mummy lives in Town Hall?
A: The night-mayor.

Q: What kind of music do mummies like most?
A: Wrap music.

Q: How did the mummy learn to cook?
A: He ordered “Cooking for Mummies” from Amazon.

Q: What was the mummy musician’s favorite note?
A: The dead sea

The mummy caught a really bad cold and can’t stop coffin…

Q: What is it called when a Pharaoh is lying in the wrong pyramid?
A: A grave mistake.

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Q: How did the mummy get so rich?
A: Cryptocurrency…

Q: Which Egyptian Pharaoh played the trumpet?
A: Tootin’khamun.

The mummy was really stiff and sore when it awoke, so he called his Cairo-practor…

Q: How do Super Pharaohs communicate?
A: In hero-glyphics.

Q: What did the mummy use to make his Halloween costume?
A: Masking tape…

Q: What was the mummy’s favorite kind of drink?
A: De-coffin-ated coffee.

Q: Why was Cleopatra worried about getting home from school?
A: He didn’t want her mummy to see her report card.

Q: What do mummies put in their hair?
A: Scare spray

Q: What do you say when a mummy over charges you?
A: Egypted me. (He jipped me)

Q: What was the mummy’s favorite dessert?
A: Ice-Scream.

Q: What goes ha-ha-ha-ha, thud?
A: A mummy laughing it’s head off.

Q: What do trains do at Egyptian train yard gates?
A: Toot-and-come-in.

Q: How do mummies tell their future?
A: They read their horror-scope.

Q: What job do mummies do during the holidays?
A: They’re gift wrappers.

Q: What kind of underwear do mummies wear?
A: Fruit of the Tomb.

Q: Which pretty actress was the mummy’s favorite?
A: Pharaoh Fawcett

Q: What’s a mummy’s favorite old-style music?
A: Ragtime.

Q: Who did the mummy take to the prom?
A: His ghoul friend

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Q: Why was the mummy so tense?
A: He was all wound up.

Q: Why didn’t the mummy think he was scary?
A: He was in denial (the Nile)

Q: What did the mummy say when he smelled rotten eggs?
A: What sphinx in here?

Q: Where do baby mummies stay during the day?
A: Day-scare

Q: What was the mummy’s favorite party game?
A: Hide-and-go-shriek

Q: Why don’t mummies take up hobbies?
A: They are too wrapped up in their work.

Q: Why do mummies make such great spies?
A: They’re good at keeping things under wraps.

Q: How do mummies stay hidden?
A: By wearing masking tape.

Q: Why was the mummy home from school?
A: He caught a gold.

Q: What was the mummy’s favorite football team?
A: The Mummy Dolphins

Q: Why were the two gassy mummies such good friends?
A: They had loud toots-in-common.

Q: What do mummies like to order for lunch?
A: Chicken Wraps.

Q: What was the mummy’s favorite rock band?
A: The Grateful Dead.

Q: What are a mummy’s favorite flower?
A: Chrysanthamummies.

Q: Why did the mummy visit the vampire?
A: He wanted to borrow his coffin.

Q: What game show did mummies like most?
A: The $20,000 pyramid.

Q: Why did the mummy go to the dance?
A: To see the boogie man.

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Mum who?
Mummy, that’s who!

Q: What do you get when you cross an Egyptian mummy with a mechanic?
A: Toot and Car Man.

Q: Why didn’t Dracula go to the movie?
A: His mummy wouldn’t let him.

Q: Why do mummies have trouble making friends?
A: They’re too wrapped up in themselves.

Q: What do mummies drink when they’re thirsty?
A: Ghoul-aid.

Q: What card game do they play in Egypt?
A: Gin Mummy.

Q: Where do mummies go for a beach vacation?
A: The dead sea.

Q: Why couldn’t the mummy sing?
A: He hurt his larSphinx. (larynx)

Q: What did the mummy do when he needed help moving his gold?
A: He hired-a-glyphics.

Q: How did the mummy know it was time to retire?
A: He saw the writing on the wall.

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Q: Why was the mummy sent to jail?
A: He ran a pyramid scheme.

Q: Why didn’t the mummy know where he was?
A: He skipped history class.

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