Boogeyman Jokes

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Bogeyman (how it’s usually spelled in the U.S) is also seen spelled as bogieman or boogie man.

This boogeyman is a monster with no specific appearance, so it tends to vary from family to family. It’s basically a non-specific scary person or creature.

Boogeyman Jokes

Q: What was the boogeyman’s favorite party game?
A: Hide-and-go-shriek

Q: Who was the best dancer at the Halloween party?
A: The Boogie man.

Q: What do you call the injured monster under the bed?
A: A boo-boo-gieman

Q: Which boogeyman lives in Town Hall?
A: The night-mayor.

Q: Why is the boogeyman called that?
A: Because he’s always picking his nose.

Q: Why is the Boogeyman under your bed?
A: To tend to his bed bug farm.

Q: What do you call a dishonest boogeyman?
A: A bogusboogeyman.

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Q: Why does the Boogeyman hide in the dark?
A: He has stains on his shirt.

Q: What does the boogeyman put in his hair?
A: Scare spray

Q: Why does the boogeyman hide under the bed?
A: That’s where all the spiders are.

Q: Who picks the young monsters up every morning?
A: The busoogieman.

Q: What did they call the boogeyman brothers?
A: A gruesome twosome.

Q: What show did the boogeyman like as a kid?
A: Boogie Howser, M.D.

Q: What did the boogeyman do on summer vacation?
A: Went to the beach to boogie board.

Q: Why did the boogeyman give away horses after dark?
A: He liked give people night mares.

Q: Why did the boogie man quit playing golf?
A: He couldn’t ever do better than double bogeys.

Q: What is the best way to speak to a boogeyman?
A: From far away.

Q: What do you do when 10 boogeyman are at your front door?
A: Hope it’s Halloween.

Q: Why doesn’t the boogeyman bother teens?
A: It would be a waste of time because teens don’t pay listed to adults.

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Q: Why couldn’t the boogeyman go to school with the witch?
A: He couldn’t spell.

Q: What tops off a boogeyman’s ice cream sundae?
A: Whipped scream.

Q: Why was the boogeyman in the bedroom closet?
A: He was just hangaring around.

Q: How did the boogeyman get caught?
A: He tripped over the mess on your floor and couldn’t get up.

Q: Why is the Boogeyman always invited to Halloween parties?
A: Because he knows how to boogie.

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