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Jokes for 5 Year Olds

Jokes for 5 Year Olds for parents and teachers. These jokes for 5 Year Olds are clean kids jokes that are suitable for Kindergarten age children, but funny for all ages.

Hulk Jokes for Kids - Clean Hulk Jokes

Hulk Jokes

Hulk jokes for kids and adults of all ages. Clean jokes about Hulk, the super hero Avenger from Marvel Comics.
Taco Jokes - Funny Tacos Jokes

Taco Jokes

Taco jokes, puns, quotes, riddles and more. Funny Jokes about tacos for all ages.
Caveman Jokes

Caveman Jokes

Caveman Jokes, caveman riddles & caveman puns for kids & adults of all ages. Funny jokes about cavemen & humor about prehistoric man. Clean caveman jokes.
Peanut Butter Jokes

Peanut Butter Jokes

Funny peanut butter jokes for National Peanut Day and every day!
Back to School Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Back to School Knock Knock Jokes

Funny back to school Knock Knock-jokes for the first day and week of school for kids.
Valentine Jokes for Little Kids - Young

Valentine’s Day Jokes for Little Kids

Funny Valentine's Day jokes that younger kids can understand and laugh at.
Halloween Jokes for Kindergarteners

Halloween Jokes for Kindergarten

Halloween jokes that kindergarten age children will understand and laugh at.

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