Knight Jokes, Puns, Riddles

Knight Jokes

Funny jokes about Knights for fans of Medieval time.
Monday Jokes, Puns and Riddles

Monday Jokes

Funny Monday jokes and jokes about Monday morning.
Funny Marching Band Jokes

Marching Band Jokes

Marching band jokes, puns, riddles & knock-knock jokes for kids & adults. Clean marching band jokes for musicians, directors, parents & teachers.
Trumpet Jokes - Clean Trumpet Jokes

Trumpet Jokes

Trumpet jokes, trumpet puns, trumpet riddles and knock-knock jokes about trumpets and trumpet players. Funny for kids and adults.
Back to School Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Back to School Knock Knock Jokes

Funny back to school Knock Knock-jokes for the first day and week of school for kids.
Christmas Tree Jokes - Kids Christmas Tree Jokes

Christmas Tree Jokes

Make trimming the tree more fun than ever with these funny Christmas Tree jokes.
Thanksgiving Jokes for Teachers for School

Thanksgiving Jokes for Teachers

Thanksgiving jokes for teachers. Clean Thanksgiving jokes, riddles & puns that include facts & details to explain the meaning of the joke for kids of all ages.
Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes

These Thanksgiving knock knock jokes are going to tickle your funny bone.
Election Day Jokes for Kids & Adults

Election Day Jokes

Laugh your way to the polling booth with these funny election day jokes. Election riddles, puns, one liners and more.
Mayflower Jokes - Pilgrim and Halloween Jokes

Mayflower Jokes

Take a voyage on the Mayflower with these funny jokes.
Christopher Columbus Jokes - Columbus Day Jokes

Christopher Columbus Jokes

You're going to have a great time exploring these Christopher Columbus jokes.
Biology Jokes for Teachers, Kids and Biologists

Biology Jokes

Funny jokes about biology and biologists that will be the life of the party...
Ant Jokes for Kids

Ant Jokes

Ant jokes, riddles, puns, one liners and knock knock jokes about ants. Clean ant jokes for parents, teachers and anyone interested in insects and bugs.
Dinosaur Jokes for Kids

Dinosaur Jokes

Dinosaur jokes for kids, parents, teachers and adults of all ages. Dinosaur riddles, dinosaur puns, T-Rex jokes & funny jokes about dinosaurs.

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