Monday Jokes

Funny Monday jokes for kids – including Monday morning jokes!

Adults aren’t the only ones who have trouble getting themselves going on Mondays – kids do too! Share these clean Monday jokes with friends, family and co-workers.

These fun jokes, riddles and puns for Monday are perfect for parents, teachers, bus drivers, co-workers and kids of all ages.

Monday may not be funny… but jokes about Monday sure are.

Monday Jokes for Kids

Q: What did the teacher say to her aardvark student when he walked into class on Monday morning?
A: Why the long face?

Q: Which day of the week are demons most tired?
A: De-Monday, just like everyone else.

Q: What’s the most annoying thing for NFL players starting the week?
A: Monday morning quarterbacks…

Q: What’s the most depressing sound on Monday?
A: Alarm clocks!

Q: How do hens feel on Mondays?
A: Eggshausted.

Q: Why was the acid so rude on Monday?
A: He was a-mean-o-acid…

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Q: Why did Boba Fett sleep Tuesday through Sunday?
A: He was a Mondaylorian

Q: What did the cashew say on Monday?
A: Mondays drive me nuts.

Q: Why was the root vegetable in a good mood on Monday?
A: It was an up-beet.

Q: What’s the saddest part of the week?
A: Monday mourning…

Q: What does Sonic need a lot of on Mondays?
A: Hedge-hugs.

Q: What did the Cyclops say every Monday morning?
A: Eye don’t want to get up!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Toothy who?
Toothy the day after Monday.

Q: How do cheeses greet each other on Monday mornings?
A: Have a Gouda week!

Q: Why did the cat stay home from school on Monday?
A: He wasn’t feline well.

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton laugh at Monday jokes?
A: He didn’t find them humerus.

Q: What do kids do on Mondays during vacation?
A: The same thing they do every other day!

Q: Why does Sunday always beat Monday in arm wrestling?
A: Because Monday is a weakday.

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Q: Why does Santa hand out candy canes on Mondays?
A: For encourage-mint.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Go Away!

Q: Why did the corrupt calendar go to prison?
A: Monday laundering.

Q: When does Monday come before Sunday?
A: In the dictionary!

Q: In a galaxy far, far away, who is always eager to start a new work week?
A: The Mondaylorians.

Q: During the school year, what’s the number one thing kids wish for on Sunday night?
A: A foot of snow by morning…

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Heymon who?
Heymonday is here already!

Q: Why did the skeleton do such a poor job in school on Mondays?
A: His heart wasn’t in it.

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