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Halloween jokes for kids – the best site for clean Halloween jokes, puns, riddles and knock-knock jokes for children and adults of all ages.

These funny Halloween Jokes are perfect for parents, teachers, Halloween parties, lunchboxes and fans of spooky things.

Fun Kids Jokes has the best jokes for Halloween and we have it broken down into themes, including witch jokes, zombie jokes, ghost jokes, ghoul jokes, scarecrow jokes and many more!

Halloween is a time for spooky fun – we hope you scare up lots of smiles, giggles and giddy screams with these funny Halloween jokes that the whole family can enjoy!

Clean Halloween Jokes

Wizard Jokes for Kids

Wizard Jokes

Great collection of wizard jokes. Funny jokes about wizards and wizardry for parents, teachers, Harry Potter fans - anyone. Safe for kids of all ages.
broomstick jokes

Broomstick Jokes

Funny broomstick jokes for Halloween or anytime. These broomstick jokes are clean and funny for kids of all ages. Great for parents and teachers, Harry Potter fans and for anyone dressing up as a witch.
Black Cat Jokes

Black Cat Jokes

The best collection of black cat jokes for Halloween or anytime. Clean, safe and funny black cat jokes for kids. Children love these jokes about black cats.
Ghost Jokes

Ghost Jokes

Huge collection of ghost jokes that are clean and safe for all ages. Fun jokes about ghosts for Halloween or anytime. For parents, teachers and children.
Ghoul Jokes - Fun Kids Jokes

Ghoul Jokes

Big collection of funny ghoul jokes. Perfect for Halloween or anytime. Great for parents and kids of all ages. Clean, safe ghoul jokes for children.
Frankenstein - Jokes for Kids

Frankenstein Jokes

Frankenstein jokes for parents, teachers and kids of all ages. Fun for Halloween or anytime.
Bat Jokes

Bat Jokes

You're going to go batty for this great collection of bat jokes. These jokes about bats are great for parents, teachers, animal lovers and kids of all ages. Perfect for Halloween, trips to the zoo or anytime!
Mummy Jokes

Mummy Jokes

The best collection of mummy jokes for Halloween or anytime. Funny, clean mummy jokes, mummy puns and riddles for parents, teachers, museums and kids of all ages.
Demon jokes for kids

Demon Jokes

Demon jokes that are funny! The best collection of jokes about demons online. Great for Halloween, parties, parents, teachers & kids of all ages. Clean & family friendly demon jokes.
scarecrow jokes for kids

Scarecrow Jokes

Great collection of scarecrow jokes for parents, teachers, farmers, gardeners and kids of all ages. These jokes about scarecrows are clean and family-friendly. Great for Halloween.
spider jokes for kids

Spider Jokes

The best collection of spider jokes online. For kids, parents, teachers - everyone. Funny, clean, safe for all ages. Spider jokes for Halloween or anytime.
Jack o' Lantern Jokes

Jack o’ Lantern Jokes

The best collection of Jack-o-lantern jokes online. Perfect for teachers, parents and kids of all ages. If you're looking for clean pumpkin jokes and jokes about Jack-o-lanterns, especially for Halloween, then this is for you.
werewolf jokes for kids

Werewolf Jokes

Great collection of werewolf jokes and clean jokes about werewolves for parents, teachers, kids & adults of all ages. Werewolf jokes for Halloween, parties, anytime!
zombie jokes

Zombie Jokes

Great collection of zombie jokes for everyone - especially kids. Great for teachers, parents and fans of Zombie games and stories. Perfect for Halloween. Clean zombie jokes for all ages.

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