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Minnesota Vikings Jokes - Football Jokes

Minnesota Vikings Jokes

You're going to cheer when you hear these Minnesota Vikings jokes!
Viking Jokes - Funny Vikings Jokes

Viking Jokes

Take a funny look at history with these Viking jokes, puns, riddles, one-liners and knock-knock jokes.
Funny Duck Jokes - Kids Duck Jokes

Duck Jokes

Waddle on over to this hilarious collection of duck jokes - they're sure to quack you up.
Horse Jokes - Funny Horse Jokes for Kids

Horse Jokes

Trot on over and check out these funny horse jokes!
Cyclops Jokes for Kids and Halloween

Cyclops Jokes

These funny cyclops jokes are great anytime but are especially popular for Halloween.

Halloween Knock Knock Jokes Video for Kids

Treat the children in your life to this funny Halloween video with knock knock jokes that are safe for kids of all ages. You...
Halloween Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Halloween Knock Knock Jokes

These Halloween Knock Knock jokes are so funny, they're going to knock you over! Halloween Knock Knock jokes are so funny for Halloween Parties and Trick or Treaters!
Egg Jokes - Funny Egg Jokes for Family

Egg Jokes

These egg jokes are eggstremely funny, silly and waiting to be laughed at.
Leaf Jokes for Kids - Jokes about Leaves

Jokes About Leaves

Don't leaf before you read these funny jokes about leaves.
Rabbit Jokes, Riddles, Puns and One Liners

Rabbit Jokes

Rabbit jokes, puns, riddles and rabbit humor. Hope on over to our collection of funny bunny jokes.
Gourd Jokes - Funny Autumn Jokes

Gourd Jokes

Gourds can be funny looking, but these gourd jokes are laugh-out-loud funny.
Pittsburgh Pirates Jokes - Baseball Jokes for Kids and Pittsburgh Fans

Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Jokes

Arrrrrr you ready for some funny jokes about the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team? Here ye go!
Tree Jokes - Jokes about Trees

Tree Jokes

We're branching out with this great collection of jokes about trees.
Chicago Bears Jokes - NFL Football Jokes for Kids

Chicago Bears Jokes

Bears fans and football fans will get a kick out of this jokes collection.

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