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Funny Tree Jokes

Q: Why are dogwood trees such wonderful pets?
A: They have a great bark, but wooden bite.

Q: Why were so many people sitting under the tree?
A: It was poplar.

Q: How do two rival forests get along?
A: They sign a peace tree-ty

Q: What looks like half a tree?
A: The other half.

Q: Which tree grows chicken?
A: Poultree.

Q: What did the tree say after he made an offer?
A: Take it or leaf it.

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Q: What was the tree’s favorite thing about Star Trek?
A: The Captain’s log.

Q: What’s another name for an artificial Christmas tree?
A: Faux fir.

Q: What do you call a military tree who doesn’t return on time?
A: Absent without leaf.

Q: What happens when a tree falls into mud?
A: It leafs an impression.

Q: What happens to maple trees on Valentine’s Day?
A: They get sappy.

Q: What did the teaching tree do when it went overseas?
A: It took a leaf of absence.

Q: Which side of a cherry tree has the most leaves?
A: The outside.

Q: What did the little tree say to the bully tree?
A: Leaf me alone.

Q: How old was the tiny tree?
A: Near-leaf five

Q: What do you give to a thirsty tree?
A: Lemon-aid.

Q: Why didn’t the tree hunt?
A: It was against his beleafs.

Q: How can you identify a dogwood tree?
A: By its bark.

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Q: Why was the pine tree in trouble?
A: It was knotty.

Q: Which tree do cowboys love most?
A: The horse chestnut tree.

Q: Why did the boy fall out of the tree?
A: He was told to rake the leaves.

Q: How do trees make themselves heard?
A: Amp-leaf-ication.

Q: What’s big, grey and falls from trees in Autumn?
A: Eleafant

Q: What type of fish falls from trees?
A: Jel-leaf-ish.

Q: How do trees get online?
A: They log in.

Q: What do vain trees do to get rid of wrinkles?
A: Get a faceleaft

Q: Why was the tree arrested?
A: For shopleafting

Q: How can you get down from a tree?
A: You can’t – down comes from a duck.

Q: Why can’t pine trees sew?
A: They always drop their needles.

Q: How do trees contact one another?
A: By teleafone

Q: What is the saddest tree?
A: The weeping willow.

Q: What type of tree fits in one hand?
A: A palm tree.

Q: Where do squirrels go during the summer?
A: beech trees.

Q: What was the tree’s favorite school subject?
A: Treegonometree.

Q: What weighs more, a pound of leaves or a pound of logs?
A: Neither, they both weigh one pound.

Q: How did the apple tree get the job?
A: It had the right qua-leaf-ications.

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Q: How do you open a locked tree?
A: Call a hemlocksmith.

Q: What does Obi-Wan Kenobi say after he plants a tree?
A: May the forest be with you.

Q: Where do saplings get an education?
A: In elementree school.

Q: Why do trees do poorly on math tests?
A: They get stumped by the problems.

Q: Why did the Sugar Maple go to the dentist?
A: He needed a root canal.

Q: Which month do trees like the least?
A: Sep-timber.

Q: What did the tree do after the bank closed?
A: He started his own branch.

Q: Why did the evergreen tree go to decorating school?
A: So it could spruce up the forest.

Q: How do nut trees travel through a forest?
A: They take the psycho path.

Q: What’s as big as a tree but weighs nothing?
A: The tree’s shadow.

Q: What did the beaver say to the tree?
A: Been nice gnawing you.

Q: How many trees can you plant in an empty forest?
A: One. It’s not empty anymore after that.

Q: Why did the leaf go to the school nurse?
A: It was feeling green.

Q: Why do fig-mulberry trees miss more school than other trees?
A: Because they are sycamore.

Q: What did the tree wear to the beach?
A: Swim trunks.

Q: What did the Jedi say to the tree?
A: May the forest be with you.

Q: Which trees wear winter coats?
A: Fir trees.

Q: Where do you find forests without trees?
A: On a map.

Q: How do you describe a tree who steals things?
A: Shady.

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