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December Jokes for Kids

December Jokes

Huge collection of December jokes, puns and riddles for kids & adults of all ages.
Funny Owl - Owl Jokes, Puns, Riddles

Owl jokes

Owl jokes, puns, riddles & knock-knock jokes about owls. Clean owl jokes for parents, teachers, orinthologists, bird watchers, kids & adults of all ages.
Funny Sloth - Jokes about Sloths

Sloth Jokes

Sloth jokes, riddles, puns, one-liners & knock-knock jokes about sloths. Clean sloth jokes for kids and adults. Fun for teachers, parents and zoo visits.
Pharaoh jokes - Egyptian King & Queen Jokes

Pharaoh Jokes

Pharaoh jokes that include Pharaoh puns, riddles & knock-knock jokes about Egyptian kings & queens. King Tut and Cleopatra jokes for kids & adults.
Daylight Savings Jokes

Daylight Saving Time Jokes

Daylight Savings Jokes. Clean Daylight Saving puns & riddles for kids & adults. Spring forward & Fall Back jokes for teachers, parents, adults & children.
Dentist Jokes

Dentist Jokes

Dentist jokes for kids and adults of all ages. These clean dentist jokes include dentistry puns, dentist riddles and knock-knock jokes about dentists. Good humor...
School Band Jokes

School Band Jokes

School band jokes, riddles & puns. Clean band jokes for student musicians, band members, directors, parents & music teachers from Fun Kids Jokes.
Chewbacca Jokes

Chewbacca Jokes

Chewbacca jokes, riddles, puns and Wookiee humor for kids and adults of all ages.

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