Sweet Potato Jokes

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Sweet potato jokes are especially popular around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas – but are great any time of year.

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Sweet Potato Jokes

Q: What kind of sweet potato starts arguments?
A: An agi-tater.

Q: Why didn’t the sweet potato want to go to the Halloween dance party?
A: It was afraid of the Monster Mash.

Q: What did the sweet potato mom like to read as a bedtime story?
A: Green Eggs and Yam

Q: What do you call a monkey who makes sweet potato chips?
A: A Chipmunk.

Q: Why are sweet potatoes able to get so much work done?
A: Because they’re not couch potatoes

Q: What do soccer players call their sweet potato fans?
A: Speck Tators.

Q: Why can’t you get angry at a yam?
A: Because they’re such sweet potatoes.

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Q: What’s the difference between mashed sweet potatoes and pea soup?
A: Anybody can mash sweet potatoes.

Q: Who is the smartest spud in the garden?
A: I yam

Q: Why are sweet potatoes so popular?
A: They are a-peeling.

Q: What do you call a sweet potato after it’s been thinly sliced?
A: Chip.

Q: What do you call a stolen sweet potato?
A: A hot potato.

Q: What do you call a spinning sweet potato?
A: A rotate-o.

Q: How many grams of protein are in a slice of sweet potato pie?
A: 3.14159265…

Q: Who was the potato’s favorite author?
A: Edgar Allen Poe-tato.

Q: What did the sweet potato philoshopher say to the potato?
A: I think, therefore I yam.

Q: What did the yam say to her friend after getting a gift?
A: You are so sweet.

Q: What do sweet potatoes eat for breakfast?
A: Pota-toast with jam.

Q: What kind of socks should you wear to plant sweet potatoes?
A: Garden hose.

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Q: What show do sweet potato music stars always watch?
A: The Yammy awards.

Q: What do you get when you divide the circumference of a yam by its diameter?
A: sweet potato pi.

Q: What do you get when it rains sweet potatoes?
A: Spuddles.

Q: Why did the sweet potato cross the road?
A: It saw a fork up ahead.

Q: What was the sweet potato’s favorite sci-fi show?
A: Starch Trek.

Q: How do you cheer up a baked sweet potato?
A: You butter him up.

Q: How did they describe the sweet potato who won an olympic medal?
A: Spudtacular

Q: What do you call a baby sweet potato?
A: A small fry.

Q: What did the sport-loving sweet potato want to be when he grew up?
A: A sports commen-tater.

Q: Why don’t sweet potatoes make good detectives?
A: Because they don’t have eyes (regular potatoes have eyes).

Q: What did the mom say to her sweet potato son when he got a good grade?
A: That’s yamtastic!

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Q: Why was the sweet potato so quiet?
A: It was a medi-tator.

Q: What did the grandmother yam say to her grandson?
A: Orange you cute?

Q: What did the sweet potato say when he took a bite of dessert?
A: Mmmm, this is so yammy.

Q: Why was the sweet potato wearing socks?
A: To keep is pota-toes warm.

Q: How do sweet potatoes know how many spaces to move their game pieces?
A: They casse-role the dice.

Q: Who do sweet potatoes spend the most time with?
A: Cinnamon and butter.

Q: Why did the police officer pull over the yam?
A: He was peeling out.

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Q: Why wouldn’t the yam look at the turkey dressing?
A: Because it would make him blush.

Q: Why don’t you put the turkey near the sweet potatoes?
A: Because it will gobble, gobble, gobble it up.

Q: What’s the best thing to put into a sweet potato pie?
A: Your teeth.

Q: Why was the turkey asked to join the sweet potato band?
A: Because he had the drumsticks.

Q: Which team do yams cheer on during the final four?
A: The Syracuse Orange

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