Garland Jokes

Garland jokes for Christmas – perfect for parents, teachers and kids of all ages. Clean garland jokes, puns, riddles and more.

For those who do not know, Garland is a Christmas decoration that is usually made of leaves, pine tree, berries or flowers.

Did you know that Garland originally was a homemade decoration? It still can be! While store-bought garland is easier to use and lasts longer, making your own can be a fun family project.

We hope you like these riddles, puns and jokes about Christmas garland.

Christmas Garland Jokes

Where can you find used garland?
Used Gar Dealership.

What did the garland say when it saw the Christmas tree?
Time to spruce things up.

What is garland?
It’s where you find the best prices on gar…

What did the sad Christmas tree say after being decorated with garland?
Now I’m feelin’ pine…

When did the garland get hurt?
During the Fall…

What makes garland so good at baking Christmas cookies?
It’s good at flouring. (Garland can be made of flowers)

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Why was the garland late?
It got hung up on something.

Why did the garland and tree go so well together?
They had great chemis-tree.

What did the boy say when asked where the garland was?
I fir-get.

Mother: Will you help put garland on the tree?
Daughter: Fir sure!

Why was the military garland so famous?
It was highly decorated.

Who is the best at hanging garland?
Holly Berry.

What did the garland say when Christmas was over?
Time to leave! (garland can be made of leaves).

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