Tinsel Jokes

Tinsel jokes for Christmas! These funny jokes, puns and riddles relate to tinsel, which is a shiny type of garland used to decorate Christmas trees that can look like icicles or snow.

Some people also use the word icicles for tinsel that hangs down in thin strands.

Tinsel comes in various colors, but is most commonly silver, gold or white in color.

These clean tinsel jokes are funny for everyone, including kids of all ages, and are especially funny when trimming a Christmas tree.

Tinsel jokes for Christmas

Q: How do Christmas trees communicate with each other?
A: Tin-sel phones.

Q: What happens if you eat shiny Christmas tree decorations?
A: You get tinselitis.

Q: What do elves use hang decorations on the Christmas tree?
A: Utinsels.

Q: What is green, says “ribbet” and is covered in tinsel?
A: Mistle-toad.

Q: Why did the church choir cancel their Christmas show?
A: The lead singer had tinsel-itis.

Q: What Brothers Grimm story is told at Christmastime?
A: Tinsel and Gretel.

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Q: What remains long after Christmas is over?
A: The tinsel that fell off the tree!

Q: Who guards the Christmas tree?
A: Tin-seldiers

Q: Where do Californians get their Christmas tree decorations?
A: Tinsel Town.

Q: Which Christmas song does tinsel like the most?
A: Silver and gold.

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