Eggnog Jokes

Eggnog Jokes for Christmas and the holiday season!

Many people love eggnog, many people do not. It’s a sweet frothy drink typically served around the holidays (eggnog).

One thing is for sure – anyone can get a laugh out of these eggnog jokes! They are clean and safe for all ages. Perfect for Christmas and holiday parties with friends and family!

Eggnog Jokes for Kids

Q: What’s the fastest way to get eggnog to the party?
A: Use the eggs-press lane.

Q: Why does eggnog go to school?
A: For an egg-u-cation.

Q: How did the guests like the eggnog?
A: They were eggstatic.

Q: What did Mr. Scrooge say about the eggnog?
A: Bah, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Q: Which farm animals are known for silly eggnog jokes?
A: The comedi-hens.

Q: Why do so many people drink eggnog over the holidays?
A: It’s everywhere – so you just can’t egg-nore it…

Q: How do you describe a tasty eggnog?
A: Eggcellent.

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Q: Why shouldn’t you prank the eggnog?
A: It can’t take a yolk.

Q: What’s a fun thing to do while drinking eggnog with friends and family?
A: Kara-yolkie.

Q: How did the eggnog do so well in school?
A: By using it’s eggnoggin.

Q: How did the eggnog drinker stay so slim?
A: Lots of eggs-ercise.

Q: Why couldn’t the boy drink eggnog through a straw?
A: It was egg-stra thick.

Q: Why shouldn’t you invite pigs to a Christmas party?
A: They hog the nog…

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Ed who?
Ednog – Happy Holidays!

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