Nutcracker Jokes

Nutcracker jokes are very popular during the holiday season. Nutcrackers are also common Christmas gifts.

The colorful, wooden versions that look like drummers and soldiers can crack nuts in their jaws!

“The Nutcracker” was also a 2-part ballet that has become very popular during the Christmas season. It is performed all over the world during the holiday season.

Nutcracker Jokes

Q: How do you find a Nutcracker?
A: Act like a walnut!

Q: What did dad say about the nut cracker he got for Christmas?
A: “This nutcracker’s suite!”

Q: What are the biggest Nutcrackers?
A: Elephants!

Q: What do you call an automatic Nutcracker?
A: A squirrel.

Q: What did the pecan say to the Nutcracker?
A: Nothing… pecans can’t talk!

Q: Where can you find vintage Nutcrackers?
A: The internut. (find: Nutcracker Products)

Q: Why did the walnut cross the road?
A: To get away from the Nutcracker.

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Q: What nut can’t you open with a Nutcracker?
A: A donut.

Q: Why did the ballet instructor make her students practice The Nutcracker so often?
A: To keep them on their toes.

Q: What do you call sheep who perform The Nutcracker?
A: Baaaah-lerinas.

Q: Why can’t dogs perform The Nutcracker?
A: They have two left feet…

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