November Jokes

Funny November Jokes are here! These jokes are either about the month of November – or they are about topics which relate to the month of November in some way.

November is usually associated with topics such as harvests, apples, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Black Friday.

These November related joke collections include November riddles, November puns, Knock-Knock jokes for November and November one-liner jokes.


Funny Cranberry - Jokes, Puns and Riddles

Cranberry Jokes

These funny cranberry jokes are great for Thanksgiving or anytime. Who knew you could laugh about cranberries?
Funny Pilgrim - Jokes for Kids

Pilgrim Jokes

This collection of Pilgrim jokes is great for Thanksgiving or anytime. These jokes about Pilgrims are safe for kids of all ages.
Turkey Jokes

Turkey Jokes

Gobble up these funny turkey jokes - great for Thanksgiving or anytime.
Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids - Funny Clean Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving jokes, riddles, puns & knock-knock jokes. Clean Thanksgiving jokes about pilgrims, turkey, colonists, pumpkins, food & more.

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