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Jokes about kids TV shows and movies like Star Wars, Sesame Street, Arthur, Dora, and more. We’re constantly adding more, so check back often!

Transformers Jokes - Funny

Transformers Jokes

Greeat collection of Transformers Jokes about Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Decepticons and more from the TV show and movies.
Batman Jokes for Kids - Funny Batman Jokes

Batman Jokes

Check out these fun kids jokes about Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight.
Funny SpiderMan Jokes for Kids

Spider-Man Jokes

Funny Spider-Man jokes for kids, parents, teachers and adults of all ages. These clean Spiderman jokes, puns and riddles just might get your Spidey senses going...
Superhero Jokes for Kids - Superheroes Kids Jokes

Superhero Jokes

The best collection of superhero jokes online. Funny jokes about superheroes like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and more.
Thomas the Train Jokes

Jokes About Thomas the Train

The best jokes about Thomas the Train and his friends. Clean kids jokes about Thomas the Tank Engine. For teachers, parents and children. Jokes for a Thomas Birthday Party for all ages. Kids Thomas the Train Jokes.
Cat in the Hat - Jokes about the Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat Jokes

This is the best collection of Cat in the Hat jokes that you will find either here or there or anywhere. The Cat in the...
Klondike Kat

Jokes About Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat always gets his mouse! You may remember that line from watching Klondike Kat, a short feature cartoon that appeared between segments of Underdog....
Jokes About Underdog

Jokes About Underdog

There's no need to fear, Underdog jokes are here! Underdog is a cartoon series that started in the mid 60's. Underdog was a humble shoeshine...
Pokemon Jokes for Kids

Pokemon Jokes

Pokemon is one of the most popular things to watch, read and talk about for kids - so get in on the fun with...
Winnie the Pooh Jokes

Winnie the Pooh Jokes

Funny Winnie the Pooh jokes that children love, including all of Pooh's friends.
Harry Potter Jokes

Harry Potter Jokes for Kids

Harry Potter jokes, riddles and puns. The best collection of clean Harry Potter jokes for kids and adults of all ages. Funny Harry Potter jokes, including jokes about Hogwarts, Severus Snape, Malfoy, Voldemort, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and more.
Star Wars Jokes - Fun Kids Jokes

Star Wars Jokes for Kids

Star Wars jokes for kids. Best collection of clean Star Wars Jokes, Riddles, Knock-Knock and more. Great for Star Wars parties! Funny Star Wars jokes for kids, parents and teachers.

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