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Turtle Jokes - Tortoise, Sea Turtle and Turtle Puns and Riddles

Turtle Jokes

Turtle jokes, riddles & puns for kids and adults. Clean turtle jokes for fans of turtle characters, turtles as pets and wild turtles.
Mermaid Jokes

Mermaid Jokes

Mermaid jokes, puns & riddles. Clean mermaid jokes for kids & adults. Fun for mermaid parties, school, Halloween or anytime.
Hagfish Jokes - Slime Eel Jokes

Hagfish Jokes

Hagfish jokes, riddles, puns and one-liner jokes about hagfish. Clean hagfish jokes for kids and adults. Funny Hagfish Day humor (slime eel jokes).
Octopus Jokes - Funny Octopus Jokes

Octopus Jokes

Arm yourself with the funniest octopus jokes and share some smiles with your family.

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