Advent Calendar Jokes

Looking for funny jokes for an Advent Calendar?

These jokes are perfect for parents and family members to put in their Advent Calendars.

You’ll find funny Christmas jokes, winter jokes and jokes that kids (and everyone else) will get a smile out of.

You’ll even find jokes about the Elf on the Shelf – a notorious Advent Calendar candy thief!

There are enough jokes and riddles here so you can find a new joke to share in your Advent calendar each day leading up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar Jokes

Q: How did the elf on the shelf feel when he couldn’t get the chocolate from the advent calendar?
A: Foiled.

Q: What does Rudolph run to every December morning up until Christmas?
A: His Advent calen-deer.

Q: Why did the boy bring his science book home for the holidays?
A: To create something for the invent calendar.

Q: Which girl elf on the shelf hid the advent calendar?
A: Miss Chievous.

Q: How do you drain pasta on Christmas?
A: With an advent collander.

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Q: Which dangerous cookie was found in the advent calendar?
A: A Ninja-bread man.

Q: What does a chemistry teacher call a bunch of monomers in December?
A: An Advent Polymer.

Q: How do you pick up a 2-ton Advent calendar?
A: With a Candy Crane.

Q: Why didn’t Mommy get any sweets to put in the advent calendar?
A: The candy delivery was ChocoLATE.

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