Valentine Puns

Valentine puns are fun for Valentine’s Day cards and notes. Looking for clean Valentine puns to share on Valentine’s Day? You found them!

This is the best collection of funny puns for a Valentine – perfect for writing inside cards or just sharing for a smile.

A pun is a form of word play that uses multiple meanings of a term or of similar-sounding words to be humorous. The Valentine puns on this page are funny, clean and safe for all ages.

Valentine Puns

Car Valentine: Beep my Valentine?

Coffee Valentine Pun: I like you a latte.

Math teacher Valentine: You’re as sweet as Pi.

Baker Valentine: You’re the loaf of my life.

Yellow Jacket Valentine: Bee mine?

Cheesy Valentine: Lookin’ sharp.

Chick-pea Valentine: I’m falafalling for you. (falafel is made from chickpeas)

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Chef Valentine: You whisk me off my feet.

Pizzeria Pun: You hold a pizza my heart.

Squid Valentine: You octopi my heart.

Lizard Valentine: You are one in a chameleon.

Broom Valentine: You sweep me off my feet.

Royal Valentine: You Rule.

Bread Maker Valentine: I love and knead you.

Nuclear Physicist Valentine: I think of U periodically..

Rudolph’s Valentine: You’re such a deer.

Science teacher Valentine: We’ve got good chemistry.

Beverage Valentine: You’re soda-lightful.

Fruit Valentine: I a-peach-iate you so much.

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Citrus Valentine: Will you be my Valenlime?

Movie Popcorn Valentine: We’re so much butter together.

Door Valentine: You hold the key to my heart.

Crayon Valentine: You color my world.

Winnie the Pooh Valentine: Can’t bear to be without you.

Garbanzo Valentine: No words can express hummus I love you.

Seamstress Valentine: You’re sew special to me.

Sheep Valentine: Wool you be my valentine.

Scissors Valentine: You look really sharp.

Cat Valentine: I’m feline great when I’m with you.

Chocolate Lovers Valentine Pun: I’m fondue you.

Tree Valentine: I beleaf I love you.

Lamp Valentine: You’re the highlight of my day.

Fruit Valentine: I think you’re pearfect for me.

Piggy Pun: I love you sow much.

Tree Valentine: Wood you be my Valentine?

Volcano Valentine: I lava you very much.

Cat Valentine: Be mine, meow and forever.

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Rabbit Valentine: No bunny compares to you.

Another Cheese Pun: I think you’re gouda for me.

Kitchen Tool Valentine: You’re grate.

Psychiatrist Valentine: Will you be mind?

Soft Cheese Valentine’s Day Pun: Let’s Brie together.

Font Valentine: You’re just my type.

Bird Valentine: I’ll owl-ways love you.

Motorcycle Valentine: I wheely like you.

Java Valentine Pun: Words cannot espresso how much I love you.

Forest Valentine: I love you so moss.

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