Christmas Carol Jokes

Funny Christmas Carol jokes for people who enjoy carolers and carolling.

Get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas Carol jokes – fun for everyone, plus they’re clean and safe for kids of all ages.

These jokes about Christmas Carols are perfect for parents, children, teachers, singers, carollers and everyone who celebrates Christmas.

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Christmas Carol Jokes

Q: What do you give carollers when they sing for you?
A: Some har-money.

Q: Which Christmas carollers are more noticible on Christmas?
A: The one’s that have presence.

Q: Why was the caroller arrested?
A: She was in big treble.

Q: Who was the most famous carolling vegetable?
A: Elvis Parsley.

Q: What kind of songs did the elf carollers sing?
A: Wrap.

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Q: What do thirsty Christmas carollers sing?
A: Mountain Dew You Hear What I Hear?

Q: What Christmas Carol do they always sing in the Amazon?
A: Jungle Bells

Q: What did the father say when carollers came to sing?
A: Christmas be my lucky day.

Q: What screams like Tarzan outside your front door on Christmas eve?
A: Christmas Carol Burnett.

Q: What has forty feet and sings?
A: Christmas Carollers.

Q: Why did the girl sit on her dad’s shoulder to go carolling?
A: So she could reach the high notes.

Q: What makes pirates such good Christmas Carollers?
A: They’re used to hitting the high C’

Q: What Christmas song do dogs like?
A: Bark, The Herald Angels Sing.

Q: Why couldn’t the Christmas Caroller get inside his home?
A: He could never find the keys.

Q: Who gets invited to the most holiday parties?
A: Christmas Carol.

Q: Why was the group of Christmas carol singers arrested?
A: They were found with hot chocolate (hot is slang for stolen).

Q: Which state has the most singers on Christmas eve?
A: North Carol-lina.

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