Black Panther Jokes

These Black Panther jokes are clean and safe for kids of all ages. They are great for parents, teachers, coaches and anyone else looking to share a laugh about a superhero crime fighter.

Black Panther jokes are fun anytime, but especially around Halloween when kids are excited about dressing up as their favorite super hero.

The Black Panther, King T’Chaka, is the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation of Wakanda.

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Jokes about the Black Panther

Q: What’s the first thing a cat Black Panther does in the morning?
A: He wakes up.

Q: What’s another name for Black Panther’s police force?
A: Claw enforcement.

Q: Why is the Black Panther video game so easy?
A: Because you get nine lives.

Q: Why don’t the people of Wakanda like online shopping?
A: They prefer cat-alogues.

Q: What is Black Panthers favorite drink?
A: Punch!

Q: Who does Black Panther look for?
A: The purr-patrators.

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Q: What did Black Panther say to Spider Man?
A: Stop bugging me.

Q: What did Black Panther wear so nobody could hear him?
A: Sneakers.

Q: What is Black Panthers favorite day of the week?
A: Caturday

Q: What kind of cereal does Black Panther eat?
A: Mice crispies.

Q: What does Black Panther use to eat soup?
A: A Super bowl

Q: What is Black Panther’s favorite drink?
A: Lemon Aid.

Q: How did the superhero, Black Panther, fix the broken bridge?
A: With Super Glue

Q: What happens to Black Panther after he eats a tic-tac?
A: He has super breath.

Q: What is Black Panther’s favorite sporting event?
A: The Super Bowl

Q: What did Black Panther say when he called Captain America?
A: Can you hear meow?

Q: What do you get if you cross Black Panther with a chowder?
A: Souperman.

Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark at Black Panther’s birthday party?
A: They forgot to invite the Flash.

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Q: What does Black Panther put in his lemonade?
A: Just ice.

Q: Why is it so easy for Black Panther to jump higher than tall buildings?
A: Because buildings can’t jump.

Q: What do you get when you cross Peppa Pig and the Black Panther?
A: The man of Squeal.

Q: What is Black Panther’s favorite brand of car?
A: The Catillac.

Q: What does Black Panther use to make his coffee?
A: A purr-colator.

Q: When is it bad luck for a Black Panther to follow you?
A: When you’re a bad guy.

Q: What does Black Panther like so much about football?
A: The ROAR of the crowd.

Q: Why doesn’t Black Panther play games in Africa?
A: Too many cheetahs.

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Q: What color does the Black Panther like?
A: Purrrrrrple.

Q: What does the Black Panther do in bed?
A: Take a cat nap.

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Q: What is the Black Panther favorite game?
A: Cat-ch.

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