US Open Tennis Jokes

Share some smiles with this great collection of jokes about the U.S. Open, a big tennis tournament held in the United States.

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Fun U.S. Open tennis fact: John McDermott was the youngest U.S. Open winner. He was only 19 when he won it in 1911.

Funny US Open Tennis Jokes

Q: Why won’t a fish ever play in the U.S. Open?
A: Because they’re all afraid of the net.

Q: Why are there so many waiters at the U.S. Open?
A: Because everyone likes to watch great servers.

Q: What did one tennis ball say to the other tennis ball?
A: See you round.

Q: Where did the U.S. Open tennis players go when they had a night off?
A: The tennis ball.

Q: What greater than U.S. Open Tennis?
A: U.S. Open Eleven-is.

Q: Which space alien won a US Open?
A: Venus Williams.

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Q: Why is the US Open tournament so loud?
A: Because the players raise a racquet.

Q: What do they serve at the US Open that nobody ever eats?
A: Tennis balls.

Q: What time do US Open tennis players go to bed during the tournament?
A: Tennish…

Q: Why do US Open tennis matches take hours to finish?
A: It’s because the lines are long.

Q: What has 4 legs and grunts a lot?
A: A US Open doubles tennis team.

Q: What did the panda say at the US Open?
A: Nothing – Panda’s can’t talk.

Q: Why did the tennis player charge the net?
A: She ran out of cash.

Q: What do dentists and tennis coaches have in common?
A: They all use drills.

Q: Why did the US Open tennis official keep trying to change the light bulb?
A: He kept thinking it was out.

Q: Which tennis tournament never closes?
A: The U.S. OPEN.

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