Halloween Puns

Halloween puns are funny to say and fun to read. These funny Halloween puns should bring a smile to all ages. Puns can be classified in several ways, but the easiest description is that it’s a play on words. If you don’t know what we mean, then you will after reading just a few of these funny Halloween puns – some of which are pretty corny (or is that corny-candy?).

Funny Halloween Puns

Q: Where did the ghost learn to become a pilot?
A: In fright school.

Q: Why did the vampire become a police officer?
A: He heard they do stake outs.

Q: Why shouldn’t you eat all of your Halloween candy at once?
A: So you can save room for I scream.

Q: How do parents get their kids to get along on Halloween?
A: They make them sign a trick or treaty.

Q: Why did the boy want to be a wizard?
A: To get everything he wanded.

Q: When does everyone look the same on Halloween?
A: When they are all a goblin.

Q: What do vegetarian zombies eat?
A: Graaaaaaaains!

Q: Why don’t ghosts dance at Halloween parties?
A: They have no body to dance with!

Q: Why should you read skeleton jokes?
A: You might find them humerus.

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Q: What do you end up with when you drop a Jack-o-Lantern?
A: Squash.

Q: What should you serve at a Halloween beach party?
A: Sand-witches.

Q: How did the priest stay in such good shape?
A: From exorcising.

Q: What sweet treat do math teachers eat on Halloweeen?
A: Pumpkin pi.

Q: What’s the rarest Halloween candy of all?
A: Uni-candy corn.

Q: What holiday is really Count Dracula’s favorite?
A: Fangs-giving

Q: When do you serve hot dog buns without any hot dogs?
A: On hollow-weenie.

Q: How did the Cyclops express his feelings?
A: He said eye love you.

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