Geometry Jokes

The best geometry jokes are right here . These funny math jokes for kids, parents, math teachers and anyone who enjoys mathematics – especially geometry.

You’ll find jokes about geometry and other subject areas relating to geometry. There are jokes that some young kids will understand, but is geared more towards older children.

According to Wikipedia, “Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. A mathematician who works in the field of geometry is called a geometer.”

One of the fun things about geometry jokes is that it gives parents the chance to talk about it with their kids. Maybe they will teach YOU a thing or two!

Geometry jokes are also a great way for mathematics teachers to brighten up the mood in the classroom, especially if students are getting frustrated. Add a funny geometry joke to the top of an assignment you hand out – or put it up on the board before class. Make sure you also take a look at our collection of funny math jokes.

Geometry Jokes for Kids

Q: What did geometry teachers need to do when they were being attacked in the Wild West?
A: Circle the wagons.

Q: What route did the geometry teacher take on his horse ride?
A: He rode in an equine-lateral triangle.

Q: Where do geometry teachers go to work for the government?
A: The pentagon.

Q: What musical did the continuous extension of length go to see?
A: A chorus line.

Q: Why couldn’t the polygon play in the big game?
A: He hurt his quadrilateral.

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Q: Which musical group do 5-sided geometric shapes like?
A: The 5th Dimension.

Q: Why did the polyhedron go to jail?
A: For running a pyramid scheme.

Q: Why was the dilation’s medical bills so high?
A: It had too many operations.

Q: What did the geometry teacher call the boiling pot soup on top of a mountain?
A: A high-pot-in-use

Q: What did the geometry teacher say when his parrot went missing?
A: Polygon

Q: What did the math teacher say to do when it started to rain?
A: Coincide

Q: What do you call people who promote tractors?
A: Protractors

Q: What do you call a angle after an elephant steps on it?
A: A wrecked-angle.

Q: What did the grumpy circle say to the tangent line?
A: Leave me alone.

Q: Why couldn’t the geometry teacher walk to school?
A: She sprained his angle.

Q: What do you call more than two L’s in geometry?
A: A Parallel

Q: How did they describe the geometry teacher who spent a lot of time in the sun?
A: He was a tangent.

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Q: What do you get when you cross geometry with fast food?
A: A plane burger.

Q: What will you hear if you cross Dwayne Johnson with a globe?
A: Rock and roll.

Q: What do you call a protractor who goes fishing a lot?
A: An Angler.

Q: What do you call a large, ferocious cat in Africa?
A: A Line

Q: What did the triangle say as he drove through a traffic circle?
A: It’s pointless.

Q: Why did the obtuse angle go into the hot tub?
A: It was over 90 degrees.

Q: What did the rectangle say to the circle?
A: Haven’t I seen you around?

Q: What did the acorn say when it grew up?
A: Gee, I’m a Tree…

Q: What do you use to tie up a box?
A: A Chord

Q: Why was the trigonometry teacher so popular?
A: He never gave them homework asSINments.

Q: What did the geometry teacher say when the voodoo witch removed the curse on him?
A: Hexagon.

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Q: Why shouldn’t you argue with stubburn circles?
A: There’s just no point…

Q: Which knight created the round table?
A: Sir Cumference.

Q: What do you call an adorable angle?
A: Acute angle

Q: Which shapes are the coolest?
A: ICE-sosceles triangles.

Q: Where can you buy a ruler that is three feet long?
A: At a yard sale.

Q: What do 3-points have in common with people who whine too much?
A: They are both coplaners.

Q: What did the complementary angle say to the acute triangle?
A: I like your hair cut.

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Q: What kind of tree do math teacher’s put their tree houses in?
A: Geometrees.

Q: Why did the triangle divide it’s adjacent side by it’s hypotenuse?
A: Be Cos.

Q: Why do inches obey yardsticks?
A: It was their ruler.

Why did the math teacher want to become a farmer?
A: He was pro-tractors

Q: What temperature was the right triangle?
A: 90 degrees F.

Q: What do geometry teachers do when it rains?
A: The coincide

Why couldn’t the triangles weigh themselves?
A: They had to find their scale.

Q: Why didn’t the circles invite the ellipses to their party?
A: They were too eccentric.

Q: Why did the scalene triangle get such poor grades in school?
A: It was never right.

Q: Why was Radian such a good safety on the football team?
A: He covered the receivers from every angle.

Q: Why wasn’t the angle able to get a bank loan?
A: His parents wouldn’t cosine for him.

Q: Why couldn’t the linear inequality cross the road?
A: It couldn’t get past the boundary line.

Q: Which shape is best for catching flies?
A: A trapezoid.

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