Thank You Jokes

Thank you jokes including one-liners, riddles, knock knock and more.

These jokes about gratitude are especially nice during holidays like Thanksgiving.

Another fun idea is to include a ‘thank you’ joke inside a thank you card that you send someone. So you’ll be sending a thanks and a smile.

Thank You Jokes – Jokes About Gratitude

Q: What was the seamstress thankful for on Thanksgiving?
A: Sew much.

Q: How do you show bananas your gratitude?
A: By saying “thanks a bunch!”

Q: How did the banana show his gratitude on Thanksgiving Day?
A: He said thanks a bunch!

Q: How did the lamb show her appreciation?
A: Thank Ewe.

Q: How do hot dogs say thank you?
A: Franks a lot!

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Gratty who?

Q: How did the potato feel about Thanksgiving?
A: It’s Spud-tacular!

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Q: What did the cola say to the Thanksgiving dinner host?
A: You are soda lightful.

Q: How do cows show their appreciation?
A: Thank you so mooooooch.

Q: What was the mathematician thankful for?
A: The pi.

Q: How does Yogi feel on Thanksgiving?
A: He is beary thankful.

Q: What did the pumpkin pie say when it was taken out of the oven?
A: I thank you warmly.

Q: What do you call free appreciation?
A: Gratis-tude.

Q: What the opposite of Thanksgiving?
A: Thanks Taking.

Q: How does Michelle Kwan say thanks?
A: I apprecia-skate it. (Michelle Kwan is a famous figure skater).

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Tank who?
You’re welcome.

Q: What do you way after an onion serves you Thanksgiving dinner?
A: ThankShallot.

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