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A piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument with strings that are struck by wooden hammers. The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (Italy) sometime near the year 1700.

There are different types of pianos and different names for various piano styles, including grand piano, keyboard, clavichord, clavier, pianoforte, pianola, player spinet, concert piano, grand piano and upright piano. Electric pianos include organs, synthesizers and keyboards.

Some of the most famous pianists include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Martha Argerich, Jon Batiste, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dame Myra Hess, Clara Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven and Vladimir Horowitz. We think they would enjoy the jokes and riddles on this page!

If you’re looking for clean piano jokes, then this page is for you. These jokes about piano are great for parents, teachers, kids and adults of all ages. Piano players, music teachers, piano students, musicians and piano instructors should crack a smile for sure.

Piano Jokes

Q: What happens if a piano falls on you?
A: You will B-flat.

Q: Why are pianos so hard to open?
A: Because the keys are inside.

If you want to be at the top on piano, you need to be willing to scale it…

Q: What has no locks, but requires keys?
A: A piano.

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My neighbor quit playing the piano. It just wasn’t her forte…

Q: Where do pianists like to go on holiday?
A: The Florida Keys.

I like my new piano instructor. We struck the right chord from the start….

Q: How did Beethoven take his piano on tour with him?
A: In a Ludwig van.

I went to a piano concert at the army base the other day… unfortunately, it featured A-flat major.

Q: What do you get when you cross a smart army officer with a pianist?
A: A sharp major.

A student showed up late to piano lessons… and he got in treble for it.

Q: How do pianists eat spaghetti?
A: With tuning forks.

My uncle can tune a piano, but I doubt he can tuna fish.

Q: Where were the Brandenburg Concertos composed?
A: In the Bach room.

According to the piano farmer, it’s common knowledge that cows are the best moo-sicians.

Q: Why did the pianist have to return to the concert hall?
A: She left her keys on the piano.

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A piano fell on Steve’s head during Minecraft… he became A-flat minor.

Q: What’s the funniest looking brand of piano?
A: Yama-haha.

The door was locked at the piano store, but the sign said they would be back in 5 minuets.

Q: Why do pirates make excellent pianists?
A: Because they can operate in the high Cs.

When they asked Johann what he was going to be when he grew up, he said “I’ll be Bach” and left the room.

Q: Why did the piano student bang her head against the piano keys?
A: She liked to play by ear.

I tried to lock up the piano, but it got out using it’s keys.

Q. How do you make a piano laugh?
A: Tickle it’s ivories.

The police were having a tough time tracking down the piano thieves. Apparently, they went into Haydn…

Q: Why couldn’t the musician play the old piano?
A: It was baroquen.

The piano player forgot her glasses… it made it really hard for her to C Sharp.

Q: What was the name of the snowman that played the piano?
A: Melton John

My son’s piano teacher asked him to compose an original piece to play. That really forced him to think outside the Bach’s.

Q: Why did the student sell his expensive piano?
A: Because he went Baroque.

Did you hear about the dog who played piano? Turns out his Bach was worse than his bite…

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